Woman Turns Lover She Blamed For Partner's Death To Authorities After Tricking Him To Fall In Love With Her

A woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, devised a revenge plan straight out of a movie plot by making the man she held responsible for her partner's demise fall in love with her and then handing him over to the authorities.

She collaborated with the National Police of Colombia to execute the scheme successfully, along with assisting in the arrest of a drug trafficker wanted by Interpol.

Rubén Darío Viloria Barrios, alias 'Juancho', was a notorious criminal with a red alert issued against him for his criminal activities.

El Tiempo reported that the individual was able to conduct his illegal operations in Montería, the capital of Colombia's Cordoba region, as well as the Uraba subregion, by pretending to be a devout follower of God and the church.

Nonetheless, law enforcement officials eventually uncovered his participation in a drug trafficking ring and a complex network of crimes involving murder and extortion.

The Colombia Police said in a statement: "According to the information collected by the investigators of the Intelligence Directorate, this person has a criminal record of more than 10 years, making himself known for his warlike capacity in coordinating attacks against the Public Force."

Juancho utilized go-fast speedboats, a commonly favored mode of transportation for smugglers, to transport drugs through Central America and eventually reach the United States, with a capacity of around 1.5 tons of cocaine per month.

Moreover, he is implicated in the 2018 slaying of two police officers in Puerto Valdivia.

El Tiempo also reported that the woman seeking revenge held Juancho responsible for her partner's death.

To accomplish this, she employed her allure to entice the drug kingpin into developing romantic feelings for her.

Despite the plan being protracted, she succeeded in obtaining proof of his illicit activities and relayed it to the police's Special Operations Command.

Following several months of surveillance, she arranged a rendezvous with Juancho in Montería, enabling the authorities to apprehend him.

According to Colonel Gabriel García, the investigators obtained an arrest warrant for Juancho, which charged him with the manufacturing, trafficking, and possession of weapons and ammunition restricted for use by the armed forces, as well as the suspected trafficking, manufacturing, and possession of drugs.

He said: "This operational result generates a structural blow to transnational drug trafficking networks, fracturing their connections and coordination for international drug trafficking."

Undoubtedly, the woman's role in this account was incredibly stressful and emotionally challenging.

Nevertheless, her involvement was pivotal in capturing Juancho, and she can now take solace in the fact that he has been turned over to the authorities.