Woman Left 'Shaken' After Discovering 'Threatening' Note Left On Her Car

A lady was profoundly disturbed when she discovered a menacing handwritten message on her vehicle during a parking dispute, leaving her in a state of unease.

The author of the letter advised the driver to opt for a paid parking facility instead of parking outside their residence on Radcliffe Street in Royton, Oldham.

On Saturday, a piece of paper was discovered on a car by someone's mother-in-law, as shared by an anonymous individual in a Facebook group dedicated to Royton.

As per the post, the incident left her anxious about parking arrangements, and she kindly requested residents to abstain from composing intimidating letters.

The note read: 'Tin opener available at 81 or 83."

"Next time you need to leave your car for more than a couple of hours, pay for a car park and refrain from taking valuable parking spaces outside my home!!"

"Next time the can opener may not be so forthcoming."

In response, the poster said: "Disappointed to share this was found on my mother-in-law's car today on Radcliffe Street."

"This person has no idea of the circumstances around the reason for parking there, however this is irrelevant as the road is not owned by either of these properties."

"She is fairly shaken and now is worried about where to park when this was perfectly legal and reasonable."

"If anyone has suffered any criminal damage this may enlighten them as to where it's come from, obviously cannot be sure."

"Please ensure you move to a house with a parking space if you need to park close to your home, and refrain from writing threatening letters."