Woman Left Naked In The Sea After Boyfriend Gives Her A Dissolving Bikini

Getting hooked on a funny guy can be exciting. But once in a while, you will have to take one for the team by being on the receiving end of his hilarious pranks, like Estelle recently found out.

Julius Dein is something of a pro when it comes to pulling hilarious pranks, and this time, the love of his life was the unsuspecting comedy target.

The two were out having a good time as every great couple should.

Estelle didn't know that her boyfriend had given her a dissolving bikini. How could she?

When she went into the water to have a little fun, her boyfriend was left taking a video.

Instead of recording a cute and romantic video, the two would watch later with smiles on their faces. Julius recorded the disaster that followed as Estelle realized her bikini had disappeared mysteriously.

It Was A Perfect Set-Up

woman left naked in the sea after boyfriend gives her a dissolving bikini
woman left naked in the sea after boyfriend gives her a dissolving bikini

As Julius records the video, he can be heard commentating on the mishap that is about to happen to his fans:

"So when my better half gets into the water, the two-piece will break down. Gracious my gosh, this is awful."

"Gracious my God, she's contacting the water. Get in the water, Estelle, get in the water. There we go, there we go. Goodness my gosh. Simply contact the water. In you go."

He then explains that as per the instructions, the synthetic substances in the clothing were expected to disintegrate in about 15 to 30 seconds after coming into contact with water.

He captions the scenario as "awful however so great."

It does not take long before Estelle starts to look around, clearly confused and terrified. She doesn't seem sure where her bikini might have gone.

woman left naked in the sea after boyfriend gives her a dissolving bikini
woman left naked in the sea after boyfriend gives her a dissolving bikini

She seems to think it might have disappeared in the water and tries to look around for it. It has disappeared in the water alright, just not the way she imagines.

Still not sure what is going on, she screams at her better half to explain her embarrassing predicament.

"Julius, my swimsuit. It think I lost it. It's taken. I don't have the foggiest idea where my two-piece is. I can't discover it anyplace..."

The prank worked even better than he had anticipated, and he passes her a towel as she covers herself before emerging from the water.

Julius Is An Expert Trickster

In fact, he is quite popular on Instagram, where he has a following of over 6 million.

This hilarious video was posted on Facebook, and it has attracted tens of thousands of offers, more than 100k responses, and over 16k remarks.

One of the commenters suggests that Estelle should try and get payback for what he has done to her "… Get him back, Estelle."

Others questioned the authenticity of the clip and suggested that two videos were pieced together.

"You can see her yellow bottoms through the towel toward the end. We should zoom in so it doesn't look as awful when we crop out her eliminating the top."

And yet another commented:

"You can see the yellow swimsuit under the towel."

Whatever the case, this prank is clearly the sort that gets fans of practical jokes excited.