Woman Left Naked And Confused At The Beach After Boyfriend Gives Her Dissolving Bikini

A man played a mean prank on his girlfriend by replacing her regular swimsuit with a dissolving bikini, leaving her stranded naked at the beach. Julius Dein, a magician, seems to be accustomed to making things disappear, but this "trick" didn't go over well with his girlfriend, Estelle. While some may find it amusing, the situation doesn't seem funny at all. Estelle, however, took the prank in good humor, to her credit.


1. Estelle Was Super Proud Of Her New Bikini

Julius Dein shared a video on his Facebook page that showed Estelle wearing a new yellow bikini she purchased online. As Estelle walked into the water, you could sense the tension building from Julius, who was preparing for the big "reveal" of his prank.

2. It Took Her A While To Get All The Way Under The Water

As we are all aware, the ocean or sea can be bitterly cold, making it difficult to jump in, even on a hot summer day. While Estelle cautiously made her way into the water, Julius commented, "According to the instruction manual, it should take 15-30 seconds for the chemicals to kick in to make the bikini dissolve… This is so bad but so good."


3. Soon Enough, Estelle Realized Something Was Amiss

Estelle became panicked and began to search under the water, thinking that she had lost her bikini rather than it dissolving. Julius feigned concern and asked what was wrong, to which Estelle replied that she no longer had her bikini on. She even suggested that it could have been stolen, perhaps even taken right off her body.


4. Julius Left Her In Her Birthday Suit For A While

Julius watched as Estelle struggled in the water, offering no help until he finally handed her a towel to cover herself. The video ends with Estelle still clueless about the dissolving bikini prank, but given its viral popularity, it's safe to say that she has since found out the truth.

5. Of Course, There's Another Explanation As Well…

Several commenters on the video suggested that Estelle may have been aware of the trick, pointing out that the bikini bottoms were still visible when she wrapped the towel around herself. This has led some to speculate that the whole thing was a staged attempt to gain attention online.