Woman Leads Cops On High-Speed Chase After Telling Them ‘I Have To Poop So Bad’

'When you gotta go, you gotta go': Oklahoma woman tells police she had to 'poop so bad' before taking off and leading them on a high-speed chase.

28-year-old Emily Owings was pulled over when a cop noticed she was not wearing a seat belt.

While the cop questioned her, she came up with a laundry list of excuses once the officer realized she had other legal troubles.

woman leads cops on high-speed chase after telling them ‘i have to poop so bad’

In a truly bizarre bodycam footage, Owings refuses to step out of her car when an officer orders her. And the officer checks her driving license, confirming it's suspended.

Then, the officer tells Owings that he would be checking for outstanding warrants.

However, she interrupts him, saying:

But I have to poop so bad. It's my birthday, man.

While sobbing, she continues:

It's my birthday. It's my f–king birthday.

Why don't you just let me go? I'm sorry I didn't know [the license is suspended], otherwise I won't drive no more.

She continues:

But can I please go home and go poop?

woman leads cops on high-speed chase after telling them ‘i have to poop so bad’

The officer then tells Owings that she has 'warrants in Woods County, and they are coming' to get her.

She then becomes agitated and shouts:

No, they are not!

F*** you guys!"

woman leads cops on high-speed chase after telling them ‘i have to poop so bad’

She then sped off from the scene, leading cops on a pursuit for several blocks with speeds topping 70 mph. She also blew through several stop signs before surrendering to cops.

When the officers handcuff her and take her to the patrol car, she continues to say:

Can I poop in your car, man?

And an officer replies:

You could've already been on your way to jail! Get in the car!

She then shouts back:

Yeah, but not pooping!

Commenting on the bizarre incident, police said:

A check with dispatch found Owings Sindt's license was revoked. She also had a warrant out of Woods and Grant counties.

While waiting for this information, [officers] saw the woman bouncing up and down in her seat and heard her yell several times that she had to 'poop.'

Owings then revved her engine, cursed the officers at the scene and sped away with her tires squealing.

The officers also said they found a meth pipe with a burnt residue inside her car.

They added:

Everybody poops, we know.

But that's no reason to commit a felony and put in danger the lives of officers, other motorists and pedestrians in the area.

Owings faces charges of reckless driving, driving under suspension, and possession of drug paraphernalia.