Woman Kept Robber At Petrol Station For Police To Arrive By 'Performing Sex Act On Him'

woman kept robber at petrol station for police to arrive by ‘performing sex act on him’

A would-be thief burst into a petrol station at Bratislava, Slovakia's capital, and began demanding money from the staff. However, he couldn't have counted on a member of the public foiling his entire plan in the most unexpected of ways.

The civilian managed to keep the criminal there until the police arrived and whisked him away.

The bold woman did this by performing a sexual act on him. As a result, she distracted him and delayed his escape plans long enough to get him arrested.


After the man burst into the station, he attacked a petrol station worker. He hit him in the face before trying to rob money from the till.

Once he opened the register, he stole cash and assaulted an employee many times. After the employee had given the criminal money, he joined another staff member in the back office.

Soon, the employee left the back office through the back door and called in the police.

woman kept robber at petrol station for police to arrive by 'performing sex act on him'

The robbery was happening late in the night.

The Mysterious Woman Arrived At The Scene

While the robber was still at the station trying to get money, a woman arrived "under mysterious circumstances."

The lady was later identified as a 36-year-old Czech woman, and she went on to perform a sexual act on the suspect. That stalled him until the police arrived and detained him for committing a robbery.


However, the suspect did not surrender to the police without a fight. Fortunately, he was still found inside the petrol station, and after a short struggle, he was in police custody.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found the man and the woman "half-naked." The two were also lying on the floor.

Due to the woman's intervention, the man did not manage to get away with any money he had stolen during the robbery.


Undoubtedly, this woman found a truly unique way to play the hero.

Due to her intervention, a dangerous suspect was stopped from getting away with stolen money. More importantly, the woman managed to get the man arrested, which kept him from committing more crimes.