Woman Has Intense Orgasm On Theme Park Ride

woman has intense orgasm on theme park ride

I'm sure I'm not the only one that absolutely loved a good rollercoaster. It's the whole ritual of turning up at a theme park somewhere out of town in the middle of no-where that you forced your long-suffering father to drive you to when you were ten.

The high, the low, the knowledge that it would be safe either way. And yet, the fear of death to the right degree that the pain is a pleasure.

Yes, I love that feeling when your insides feel like they might become your outsides and your internal organs screech upwards, and you scream hysterically.

When you start to climb and finally crest over the horizon. Heart in your mouth, you know what will follow.

The plunge. It maybe lasts 10, 20 seconds. But it feels like an eternity.

It is pure sensation

woman has intense orgasm on theme park ride
woman has intense orgasm on theme park ride

Judging by this article's title and my above description, it's not so unlikely that one woman had an orgasm on a theme park ride!

I don't know about you, but I'll book the next ticket to Disney Land, and I'll have what she's having! When Harry met Sally, eat your heart out.

Now, back to the basics. The matter at hand: Slingshot, Malta.

Remember the name, it's going to give you the ride of your life.

… literally.

I'll attach the video footage of the event itself, involving two young girls – one of whom is more in the 'thrall' of the experience than the other, to put it delicately.

No judgment here, though

In these times, who has time to criticise anyone that's actually managing to feel some joy de vivre!?

In the minute and a half long clip, the two women visibly enjoy themselves and chat amongst themselves. Judging by the groans and the crossed legs, these girls weren't too distracted by the beautiful scenery around them as they hung from the top of the ride.

I would say that, for many reasons, the descent was memorable.

woman has intense orgasm on theme park ride
woman has intense orgasm on theme park ride

No comment. But we love that for them.

Furthermore, it is important to clarify that since the two women involved seem to have published this footage on their terms and their audience, I feel more comfortable engaging with it. If it became clear that this more intimate footage had been solicited through non-consensual means, that would have been a vastly different matter.

As it is, I can only applaud; and, I suppose, congratulate those involved!

God speed and I hope everyone else can take that energy with them into the next week!