We all get headaches from time to time. But it is usually because of reasons like skipping coffee, too much stress, and other things that make sense.

Rarely do you think that the headache you are having is the work of a creepy insect that has decided to call your ear its home.

But that is exactly what a woman discovered when she did some follow up on a headache she was having.

This chilling diagnosis left the Indian woman lost for words.

Many people would readily call BS on this story, but a video actually shows the spider crawling out of her ear.

Be warned. The scene is not for the fainthearted. It is pretty damn creepy. It is the sort of thing that might make you consider making a lifelong commitment to ear guards.

And how exactly does someone get a spider in her ear? For Lekshmi, it happened when she was taking naps on her veranda. The small insect then crawled into her ear, and it found it to be a pretty comfortable place to call home.

Later, the woman started getting headaches and decided to go and see a doctor.

It was then that it was discovered that an insect was lodged in her ear. While we might find this to be horrifying and strange, the doctor revealed that it’s not uncommon.

Apparently, people end up with all kinds of things in their ears.

However, he did admit that he had never encountered someone with a spider living in the ear.

The woman narrated the ordeal of giving an eight-legged creature a home. Understandably, she was horrified, as she could feel the spider move around. Then followed acute earache and sharp pains. It is this pain that prompted her to visit the doctor.