Woman Finally Manages To Trade A Hair Pin For A House

Woman Finally Manages To Trade A Hair Pin For A House

A woman is ecstatic after exchanging her hairpin for a house. It took a year and a half of effort before the deal was finally made.

This concept is not strange to fans of The Office (US). According to this trading concept, something small, such as a pin, can be traded for something worth a bit more until the desired item is attained.

The only catch is that you have to be incredibly patient and devoted. More importantly, this San Francisco woman, Demi Skipper, has proved that this seemingly unbelievable idea actually works.

The experience was more interesting than the woman imagined. However, her inspiration did not come from the popular television show but from a man known as Kyle MacDonald, who managed to trade his paper clip for a house back in 2006.

Demi Skipper documented every part of her process on TikTok. She began by posting her hair clip on Craigslist.

Then, over many months, she traded in many things, including necklaces and broken-down cars. Eventually, she got a Chipotle celebrity card.

The card gives the owner access to unlimited Chipotle food for an entire year, in addition to a catered dinner for 50. Therefore, the card was worth about $20,000, and many of her fans were hoping she would find someone willing to buy it for that amount.

After several months, "Chipotle's biggest fan" reached out to her through email wanting the card. The fan did not have $20,000 but had a trailer with a Tesla Powerball and solar panels.

In total, the trailer was worth $40,000.

Skipper would not let the golden opportunity pass her by. However, she discovered that the vehicle had illegal wheels she could not replace in the US.

Therefore, the trailer remained in Canada, and the 29-year-old woman made as much effort as necessary to get a solution.

Soon enough, she got lucky when one of her fans agreed to have the trailer on their drive close to the US border. All Skipper and her husband had to do at this point was travel for 15 hours to the location of the trailer and decorate it.

After that, the couple could finally take the trailer home. While looking for ways to flip it and make their next investment step, Skipper found a woman who was also a house flipper.

She tracked what Skipper had been up to through her online activity and was waiting for an opportune moment to step in. The woman offered Skipper a house in Tennessee.

The house had two small bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. To Skipper, this house was 'perfect.'

She later talked about her journey to the media. She confessed that the journey had helped her realize that negatives can be turned into positives.

When she first got started, nobody would have convinced her that she could turn something worth less than a penny into a house worth several million more. To most people, this would have been unimaginable.

After the experience, Skipper says she feels that anything is now possible.

Skipper had managed to make 28 successful trades by the end of the process. At the moment, she and her husband are looking for ways to renovate the new house to move in.