Woman Explains Why She Is Divorcing Her Ghost Husband

A young woman who got married to a ghost is now explaining why she wants a divorce.

There's a British singer-songwriter named Rocker Brocarde who is 38 years old. She fell in love with a ghost named Edwardo, who lived during the Victorian era, and they decided to get married after dating for five months.

Their wedding took place on Halloween in 2022, and they invited both the living and the dead to attend.

The Daily Star reported that famous figures like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and Henry VIII were supposedly present at the wedding.

After their wedding, the couple went on a romantic honeymoon to Barry Island in Wales. But sadly, their marriage has now come to an end.

The woman, who had a difficult time in her marriage, sought the help of an exorcist to get a divorce from her husband. It seems that their marriage was quite challenging, despite being married for only five months.

The exorcism of Edwardo happened at The Asylum Chapel in London, the same place where the couple got married initially.

Brocarde, in an interview with the Daily Star, shared her account of divorcing her ghostly husband. She described the ceremony as extremely unsettling and otherworldly, using words like "harrowing" and "unearthly" to capture the experience.

"I lost control of every limb and it was as if I was under third-party control, she claimed.

"It was earth-shattering."

"Every part of my body was shaking, I was convulsing, sweating and feeling lightheaded."

"It felt like I was trying to vomit out the devil."

The singer expressed that her marriage to Edwardo felt burdensome, describing it as a weighty experience where she felt as though she was struggling to drag a lifeless body uphill.

She goes on to say: "The energy of being married to him was overwhelming at times. It broke my spirit and now I feel lighter."

"I underestimated how powerful his presence was going to be and I feel like I approached the wedding with hope and naivety."

The couple reportedly faced issues right from their wedding night, when Edwardo referred to Monroe as "hot" during the ceremony.

Although their honeymoon began on a romantic note, with playful wrestling on the beach, Edwardo crossed the line.

As a result, Brocardo ended up with an ice cream cone forcefully shoved in her face, leaving her with sticky hair covered in sand.

"I looked like I'd had a fight with a giant seagull," the singer shared.

Having ended her relationship with the Victorian ghost, Brocarde is now actively seeking a human partner with whom she can build a lasting connection.

Nevertheless, she is taking her time and not rushing into finding love.

"I'm full of joy, reborn, excited by life and just dying to laugh and have fun and feel free," she shared.

With her divorce now complete, Brocarde is returning to her true passion: creating music.

Her latest single, titled 'Another Anthem,' is now available for streaming. It is said to be inspired by her challenging marriage and the experiences she went through during that time.