Woman Escorted Out Of Middle School Football Game For Not Wearing Mask Refuses Plea Deal

Woman Escorted Out Of Middle School Football Game For Not Wearing Mask Refuses Plea Deal

An Ohio woman arrested for criminal trespassing after she refused to wear a mask at a middle school football game rejects plea deal.

Alecia Kitts attended her son's football game in Logan in September when a school officer asked her to put on a mask.

While the officer requested her to wear the mask multiple times—which was in her back pocket—she refused, saying she had asthma.

However, the officer told her that she would have to leave the school premises if she didn't put on the mask.

But she refused to leave. And after an altercation, the officer tasered and handcuffed her, and then took her to custody.

Following the arrest, the officers charged her with two charges: resisting arrest, a second-degree misdemeanor; and criminal trespassing, a fourth-degree misdemeanor.

The mom, however, pleaded not guilty to any of the charges.

In her pretrial, she also rejected a plea deal.

Kitts' attorney, Maurice A. Thompson, previously said in a statement:

Kitts explained to the officer and administrators that she has asthma. But they ignored her.

Their position was that un-masked asthmatic must leave the stadium, which isn't consistent with any directive or other law.

The attorney also claimed Kitts was far enough from spectators, to safely not wear a mask under the state order.

Maurice said:

Kitts was obviously alone with her children, outdoors, at a distance of much greater than six feet from anyone else.

Thus, she broke no Ohio law, not even the Governor's own legally-dubious health directives upon which the school relied.

She added:

She committed no crime and thus committed no 'criminal trespass.

Logan School District totally misapplied the law and misapplied it haphazardly and violently.

After rejecting the plea deal, the court has scheduled Kitts trial in January.

Meanwhile, many social media users have hailed Kitts for her decision to reject the plea deal.

One commenter on Facebook said:

I wouldn't accept a plea deal either. We should not ever be trespassed from publically funded property.

She wasn't around anyone else, and it was straight-up wrong. Tyrannical Government. Good for her!!!

We are no safer as a society for having this woman removed from publically funded property.

The government is wrong with charges, and the arrest is hideous.

Another added:

If they have a solid case against you, they don't offer a plea deal.

I hope she wins and wins BIG!!

While a third said:

I hope she wins big. All this over a stupid mask when people ether social distanced or wore a mask or both.

It was obvious she was social distancing. She was only with her small group of people... Just ridiculous.