Woman Earning $30,000 Monthly On OnlyFans Says It Is Not 'Easy Money'


There are numerous headlines about people quitting their regular jobs to pursue full-time careers on OnlyFans.

Many of them are earning significant amounts of money, ranging from hundreds to thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

The potential earnings on the platform are astonishing.

With so many success stories documented in articles, it may appear effortless to achieve similar results.


But one OnlyFans model is challenging the misconception that this job is as easy as snapping a provocative photo and uploading it.

Laura Lux, who earns approximately $30,000 monthly on the platform, is cautioning those considering a full-time career on OnlyFans. She's warning against giving up everything without fully understanding the challenges involved.


Before entering the OnlyFans world, Laura Lux had worked as a stripper and shared her experiences in an essay for Insider, discussing how she had been objectified from a young age.

Recognizing the potential to turn her sexuality into a source of financial stability and enjoyment, she decided to join OnlyFans.

Laura became a member of the platform back in 2018 when there weren't as many creators as there are now.


While Laura doesn't engage in explicit content, she maintains a consistent presence by posting daily. For users seeking more provocative content, they must be willing to pay.

She follows a regular nine-to-five routine, spending time at her desk managing messages, handling administrative tasks, and planning her content.

"I'll usually post a message to subscribers in the morning — something like 'What's your plan for the week?' or 'Hope everyone has a great Monday!' then I'll spend some time chatting with whoever replies," she wrote for Insider.


"Then I take some photos or edit some content and keep an eye on my inbox."

Interacting with her subscribers is a significant part of Laura's daily routine and often occupies a considerable amount of her time.


Ms. Lux attributes part of her substantial earnings on OnlyFans to her impressive following of over two million followers on Instagram.

"If you're thinking about starting an OnlyFans account, I would really consider what the consequences would be for your future," she said.

"Online sex work gets glamorized as easy money, when it's really not. It's hard work to make money on OnlyFans.


"The market is super oversaturated, and the reason I'm so successful is because I already had a following from MySpace, then Instagram and Patreon...I wasn't starting from scratch."

She has cautioned aspiring OnlyFans creators that whatever content they post will likely remain online indefinitely, and they should be prepared to accept that fact.

"So if you're not sure you want explicit photos and videos of yourself to be out there, don't do it," she shared.


"It's not likely you'll make a lot of money, despite what some creators may tell you."

"A lot of what it takes to be successful on OnlyFans is about being active on social media, and that means dealing with people calling you degrading names for engaging in sex work."