Woman Dumped By Boyfriend After He Sees Her Without Makeup For The First Time

Woman Dumped By Boyfriend After He Sees Her Without Makeup For The First Time

Sophia Ridlington, a psoriasis patient, confessed that her boyfriend dumped her after seeing her without makeup for the first time. The guy couldn't process the substantial difference in his girlfriend's looks once she took off all her makeup.

But she is not to blame; at least not entirely.

Psoriasis often causes skin flare-ups, and she has lived with the condition for years. As a result, her skin is painful and cracked.

Her jerk of a boyfriend took no note of this and left the girl as soon as he found out the truth.

A perfect partner would have been loving, sympathetic, and supportive, especially considering the reason the girl found it necessary to enhance her appearance.

Psoriasis Is No Joke

Psoriasis is not a mild skin condition that goes away after a short time and is forgotten. It stays with you for years.

What's worse is that it does some serious damage to your skin since it causes it to crack and hurt. According to Sophia:

My skin often cracks and bleeds, which causes me so much pain.

She had no option but to master ways to make herself look better and feel better about herself:

Now, I've learned how to cover my face properly. I love doing my makeup, and it gives me something to focus on.

Looking at my face covered in red itchy sores was horrendous. It affects me from head to toe but I've only really cared about my face as that's what everyone sees.

In short, psoriasis is ravenous. It does not just affect the skin; it invades all her body.

It Was Too Much For Him To Handle

Woman Dumped By Boyfriend After He Sees Her Without Makeup For The First Time
woman dumped by boyfriend after he sees her without makeup for the first time

Sophia is a beautiful girl, no doubt about it. With or without makeup, any guy would be lucky to have this gorgeous lady as his girlfriend.

He left because he could not handle the reality of her condition:

My ex-boyfriend didn't stick by me, and it broke my heart at the time; he didn't appreciate me for who I was.

I used to wear long sleeves or long trousers every single time I left the house. It's very difficult to have people staring at you as if you're different from them.

Today, Sophia Is A Makeup Artist

You have to admit, Sophia is quite a pro at applying makeup. Look at how much she can mask her condition with makeup.

She has the skills to make a career out of this, which is precisely what happened.

Her Instagram photos demonstrate how good she is at applying makeup. She can do this for others and make them feel better about themselves as well:

I hope to encourage people in a similar position to be comfortable with their psoriasis. I've already received so much support on social media and people in a similar position always ask me how I cope through it.

With Or Without Psoriasis, Sophia Looks Amazing

Let's be honest, the guy who dumped Sophia is the one who lost. Psoriasis or not, this girl is a real beauty.

He also missed out on a chance to be with someone with a truly beautiful character. Instead of letting her condition get the better of her and make her life miserable, Sophia has the strength to rise above her painful challenge and live a life she loves.

There aren't such many people around. It was truly his loss.