Woman Duct-Taped To Seat After Trying To Open Plane's Door Mid-Flight

woman duct-taped to seat after trying to open plane’s door mid-flight

A video went viral on social media showing a woman with a silver duct tape over her mouth and her body seemingly taped to her seat while on a flight,

She had allegedly attacked the flight crew and injured a flight attendant in an effort to open the door of the aircraft mid-flight.

As other passengers exited the plane, walking past her, she could be heard screaming, "You! You! You!".

Flight attendants were seen calmly nodding their goodbyes as they walked past her.

This incident happened on American Airlines Flight 1774, which took off from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, to Charlotte, North Carolina.

What Happened On The Plane

The incident started when one hour into the two-hour flight, "all flight attendants were running up and down the aisles, frantically kind of like whispering to each other." The flight attendants were locking bathrooms and grabbing bags from the overhead bins.

Their actions put passengers on high alert, especially as they were not saying exactly what was going on.

Finally, the pilot spoke over the intercom, asking passengers to stay in their seats. He said there was "a bad situation in the plane" but did not explain any further.

According to @lol.ariee, who shared the video of the incident:

"It was kind of like chaos and no one knows what's going on."

Just as the plane landed, one flight attendant sitting close to passengers informed them that one woman flying first class was apparently going through a mental breakdown. She "had an outburst" and tried to get off the plane.

Woman Duct-taped To Seat After Trying To Open Plane’s Door Mid-flight
woman duct-taped to seat after trying to open plane's door mid-flight

@lol.ariee said about the situation:

"She was saying, 'I need to get off this plane,' and she went up to the exits and started banging on the doors saying, 'You need to let me off this plane!"

The woman in question reportedly started biting, spitting, and attacking flight attendants even as they tried to restrain her. According to @lol.ariee, these ultimately informed the decision to "take her down and duct tape her mouth."

In the video released, a police officer and medical personnel could be seen waiting by the plane's entrance as other passengers departed the cabin upon landing.

The Airline Released Statement About The Incident

Woman Duct-taped To Seat After Trying To Open Plane’s Door Mid-flight
woman duct-taped to seat after trying to open plane's door mid-flight

In an emailed statement, American Airlines spokesperson told Business Insider:

"[The woman] attempted to open the forward boarding door and physically assaulted, bit, and caused injury to a flight attendant. We applaud our crew for their professionalism and quick effort to protect those on board."

Seeing her restrained sparked criticisms from many who viewed the video.

The airline said emergency personnel were on the ground when the airplane landed in Charlotte and took the woman to a local hospital. According to FOX News, she was placed on American's "internal" no-fly list pending investigations.

@lol.ariee posted a follow-up video sharing her views on what happened. She stated:

"What was happening seemed like it was beyond the woman's control. She was scared. They should have a better way of going about it... I feel like it was handled poorly."

American Airlines continues to maintain that the passenger had been restrained 'for the safety and security of other customers and their crew.