Weird Story

Woman Drops Pants And Urinates During TV Reporter's Live Cross

woman drops pants and urinates during tv reporter’s live cross

During a live TV broadcast in California, the unthinkable happened. A woman decided to urinate right in front of a television camera.

This goes to show that when nature calls, you have no option but to answer.

Even though little you can do once the urge to relieve yourself comes over you, this woman's reaction was quite unexpected.

Fortunately, it doesn't seem like she did it on purpose. She was going about her business when she looked around and decided to do a quick number 1 before noticing.

In general, that is not a terrible idea when there is no bathroom in sight. After all, pissing yourself is not a better alternative.

In the clip, a reporter appears to be narrating her story from Venice Beach. She is also quite oblivious to what is going down behind her back.

She is talking about the increasing number of coronavirus cases among the locals.

The reporter chose to do her story from the beach for some reason. Unknowingly, the woman in the background had to answer the call of nature right in front of the camera she was looking into.

Seemingly unable to hold it anymore, the desperate lady put down her luggage, dropped her pants, and started to urinate. Luckily, the reporter remains unaware of what is happening behind her and goes on with her story.

The Reporter Did Not Notice

The awkwardness of this incident is made apparent by the woman's reaction in the studio, whose face clearly shows that something has gone wrong during the reporting.

The news anchor seems a little shocked by what is happening, although she managed to compose herself and keep the conversation with the reporter.

Here is the video.

Luckily, the woman was hidden for most of the clip, and she did not embarrass herself too much. She was also quite a distance away, and her face is not easy to identify either from the clip.