Woman Driver Crashes Car While Flipping The Bird At Trump Supporters

Many people believe in karma. In short, it basically means that you get what you give in life. If you do good deeds, good things will happen to you. And if you do bad things, well, you get the picture.

Recently, a woman driving by a group of MAGA supporters took immediate offense at seeing them.

In her attempts to let them know her disdain, she decided to taunt them through her open window. She then flipped the bird while she screamed at them.

woman driver crashes car while flipping the bird at trump supporters

Trump supporters, however, weren’t too disturbed by this woman’s signs of affection. Instead, they laughed and cheered her valiant effort, which probably made her angrier.

Unsatisfied with her powerful gestures, she decided to take it one step further.

She leaned out of the driver’s window, from her waist up, to flip them off with both her hands.

woman driver crashes car while flipping the bird at trump supporters

With half of her body out of the car window and both birds proudly flying, she realized her mistake — when it was too late.

Her car was still in drive, and now her foot was off of the brake.

As a result, what started as a defiant gesture to Trump supporters wound up with her ramming the car in front of her.

But that is not the kicker.

After the accident, she stayed in her car, upset, continuing to yell. She also flipped off to the front car driver as though it wasn’t her fault.

She then realized cops were driving directly behind her.

This woman is not the first to lose her marbles for no good reason, though.

Marshall University recently suspended an Assistant Professor of Biology after she admitted during an online class that she really hopes President Trump supporters caught COVID-19 and die before election day.

The professor went into a rant because MAGA supporters go to rallies without wearing masks.

She said:

“Yesterday, [Trump] held one inside. Nobody wore a mask.”

“And I’ve become the type of person where I hope they all get [COVID-19] and die.”

“You can’t argue with them; you can’t talk sense into them. I said to somebody yesterday, and I hope they all die before the election.”

“That’s the only saving hope I have right now.”

It’s unfortunate that someone would wish another person dead, especially an entire group of people.

This holocaust thinking is dangerous. Especially when a credited professor teaches it in a University. Luckily, the University suspended her right away.