Woman Downs Beer Twice After Seeing Herself On Big Screen At US Open

Woman Downs Beer Twice After Seeing Herself On Big Screen At Us Open

A US Open fan went viral after she downed her cup of beer twice after spotting herself on the big screen.

The unnamed blonde lady brought more entertainment than the players, according to the cheers she received for her act.

The crowds on Flushing Meadows were watching the third-round match between Felix Auger-Aliassime and Roberto Bautista Agut.

The first time the woman was caught on camera, she raised her arms and then started drinking.

The next time, she was caught with a beer glass. Instead of awkwardly smiling or hiding her face, she surprised the crowds by showing impressive beer drinking skills.

Once the cup was empty, she lifted her arms in victory and soaked in the spotlight.

The big cheer came during the fifth and final set.

A tennis commentator said: "She's going in again," and added, "Well done."

The video soon went viral, and in 24 hours, it was viewed more than 140,000 times.

Many are now calling US Open to bring back the "beer girl" while tagging the official page on Twitter.

It is not the proper way to chug a beer, but it was unexpected and hilarious, as many fans commented.

One wrote:

"Some Dad out there today is getting texts and phone calls about his little girl winning the internet! That is awesome! I have 2 daugthers n that'd be up there w winning The US Open. Pounding the second beer KNOWING you had to step up! Brava Miss! Sir you have a keeper!"

Speaking of chugging a beer, last year, Hebei Pangzai went viral for his tornado drinking technique.

Woman Downs Beer Twice After Seeing Herself On Big Screen At Us Open

He has over 160k Twitter followers and calls himself "inventor of tornado beer drinking style."

It's not rocket science, but it is engaging and fun, something we defiantly need more of.

Here is the reason this Chinese man became an internet sensation:

Cheers to the young woman and the innovator of the tornado!