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Woman Divides Opinions After Exposing Doctor's 'Worrying' Pick-Up Line

woman divides opinions after exposing doctor’s ‘worrying’ pick-up line

A Woman exposes doctor's 'worrying' attempt to ask her out after check-up, and not everyone agrees with her.

Netizens are slamming a woman who exposed a medical professional's pick-up line.

The woman, who goes by the Twitter name, Anna, shared a screenshot of a message she received from a doctor who had her blood test at the clinic.

While the doctor didn't message about blood test results, he attempted to ask her out.

The message read:

Hey, this might seem a bit odd, but I [did] your blood test the other day at the hospital, and I thought you were good looking and seemed nice, so here I am shooting my shot.

This awkward pick-up line didn't do the trick, though

Instead, it pushed the woman to share a screenshot of the text on Twitter.

She captioned it:

Hello, HR is that you.

woman divides opinions after exposing doctor's 'worrying' pick-up line

But she probably didn't receive the response she hoped for as users accused her of putting the man's job at risk.

Even though the message goes against doctor-patient confidentiality rules, many folks thought Anna overreacted.

One person said:

I don't think it's right but also don't think it's worth getting him sacked.

You need to put him straight tho and say you could report him for it, and he needs to think about how much he values his job.

Guy needs a reality check, not complete destruction of his future.

And another agreed, writing:

Hopefully, a competent HR person will not sack him but will make sure that he understands how wrong this is and monitor things so it doesn't happen again.

A third person said:

It's not wrong for someone you met to compliment you and ask you out. As long as they do it respectfully.

With the Internet, people can easily find your public profiles. This isn't the same as being ogled, catcalled, or stalked.

If you're not into him, just say no.

woman divides opinions after exposing doctor's 'worrying' pick-up line

While many criticized how the woman dealt with the situation, others branded the medical worker 'creepy.'

One said:

His behavior has crossed multiple boundaries professionally and personally.

Don't be gaslit into thinking him, possibly losing his job would be your fault. It's entirety on him.

All of this is on him for choosing to act this way.

And another added:

It's not your job to tell him, to teach him anything.

And if you complained about him, any action [the hospital] takes would not be your fault. It would be his.

Women are not responsible for men. Men are.

However—later in the comments—the woman said it wasn't her intention to 'end someone's career.'

She explained:

I'm not looking to end someone's career, I'm not. After the outburst of this tweet, I'm not even sure I want to tell on him.

It's just a level of privacy that he invaded.

She also said she spoke with the doctor and explained to him what he did is wrong.

And later went on to say due to the number of negative comments she received regarding the tweet, she chose not to report him.

She added:

If this was your sister or daughter or cousin in my position, imagine how you'd feel if they [received such a message.]