Woman Ditches The Gym To Have Sex Twice A Day Instead — And It Really Works

woman ditches the gym to have sex twice a day instead—and it really works

This woman ditched going to the gym and decided to tone up by having sex twice a day instead.

Research has shown that sex is a great form of exercise as it helps in burning calories in your body.

How much sex will give you the same results as that working out session at the gym? Also, is it worth giving up your gym membership for the sake of more time in the bedroom?

Luckily for us, one Australian woman put it to the test, and the results are surprising.

Well, let's just say she won't be waking up for her morning run anytime soon.

woman ditches the gym to have sex twice a day instead—and it really works

Rutesha, a MamaMia journalist, used to pay $55 for her work-out sessions.

However, she later realized paying for a gym membership wasn't enough motivation to actually make her attend her workout sessions.

She revealed that she didn't enjoy the time at the gym as she loathed the music they played as she worked up a sweat alongside 'women with toned bodies.'

She thought, 'what if there was a way to save that money and still stay in shape.'

After discussing various ideas with her partner, she waved her gym membership goodbye in favor of having sex twice a day instead.

Surprisingly, Rutesha found that her new routine actually worked.

She estimated that she burned at least 150 calories for every 30 minutes of sex she enjoyed with her partner.

woman ditches the gym to have sex twice a day instead—and it really works

For it to work, however, Rutesha and her partner agreed to spice up their sex life by making some changes in the bedroom.

The main changes were the sex positions.

Since some positions, including cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and standing position, allows you to exert more energy, she and her partner agreed to experiment a little more during their sex sessions.

On the first day of her new routine, she already saw results. She admitted that she had 'the most peaceful night of sleep' she had had in a long time.'

She said:

"Both of us couldn't stop giggling, and we had a lot of fun doing it."

"That night was also the most peaceful night of sleep I'd had in a while. The serotonin really did its job."

woman ditches the gym to have sex twice a day instead—and it really works

She admitted that her new routine had some drawbacks too.

She said that her 'thrill and allure of having an orgasm' decreased because 'you just have them too often and don't look forward to them like before.'

She added:

"It's a bit of a double-edged sword, really. If you don't orgasm, you might be left frustrated. And if you do—like more than twice or thrice a day—you become exhausted."

The overall results were astounding.

Rutesha claimed she's more fit than before, and having sex twice a day has increased her mood. She's also 'happier, more relaxed, and her self-esteem [has] shot up sky high.'

Additionally, she claimed that she and her partner are now more connected than ever.