Woman Discovers Husband's Affair With Nanny Thanks To Disney Ride Photo

A woman who had been through a divorce, and her former husband, who now has a baby with their former nanny, gained a lot of attention online after she posted a video of them being a bit too close for comfort during a family outing to Disney.

Natalie, a mother of two from Ibiza, Spain, started using TikTok last month as she navigated the challenges of her recent divorce. The 33-year-old has been sharing various videos discussing her ex-husband and his new girlfriend, who also used to work as their nanny.

In her latest popular video, she shared a revealing picture taken while they were on Splash Mountain. Natalie was sitting with her daughter, while her ex-husband was in the row behind them with the former nanny, who appeared to be getting rather close to him.

"I was going through old photos and came across more than one where they were a little too close...," she shared in the on-screen text.

The former stay-at-home mom has never explicitly stated her ex and nanny had an affair, but her videos strongly imply that there was something improper happening between them while they were married.

"We went to Disneyland in Orlando and took the nanny with us. To help with the kids… Not the husband," she captioned the clip, which has garnered over 1.6 million views.

Many commenters expressed outrage on her behalf, although a few couldn't resist pointing out that Disney World is in Orlando, not Disneyland.

"The first red flag is that they sat together on the ride!!!" one person wrote, while another added, "Knowing damn well there would be a photo of it... that's so cheap of her..."

Some placed the blame on Natalie for hiring an attractive nanny, with one TikTok user suggesting, "You would have never had this problem if you had hired Mrs. Doubtfire."

Several nannies also shared their perspective on the situation and firmly believed that Natalie's former employee had crossed the line.

"As a former live-in nanny and now a mother, this infuriates me for you. It's not hard to not do that!" one woman wrote, while another insisted, "As a former nanny, I would have sat with the kid or the mom well before I sat with the dad"

In a follow-up video, Natalie addressed a comment about there being two parents and a nanny for one child, revealing they actually brought two nannies to assist with their two young children during the overseas trip.

The mom, whose kids are now 9 and 10, clarified that they had two nannies working different shifts back then. Six years ago, during their month-long trip to the US, they brought both nannies along so they'd have company in their free time.

This past year has presented numerous challenges for Natalie. She transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom to working in an entry-level job with a meager salary, while her former nanny now resides in her old home.

In a previous video, she explained the absence of alimony in Spain. Upon divorce, couples typically retain what they brought into the marriage.

"When I got married I was 22 years old, I didn't have anything when I entered the marriage,' she clarified. "So any money I get is out of the goodness of his heart. Legally, he doesn't have to give me anything."

In her latest video, Natalie delved into why she often directs her focus towards her former nanny rather than her ex-husband, who recently became a father with his new girlfriend.

"I get so many comments asking me why my videos are angled towards the nanny and not towards my ex-husband because "it takes two to tango," etc. I wanted to explain why," she expressed.

Natalie explained that her ex-husband has shown remorse and kindness regarding their challenging circumstances, while the nanny has exhibited quite the opposite attitude.

"She sends me vile messages," she alleged. "As soon as I moved out of my old villa, she moved straight in. She has banned me from going to the house to even pick up my kids. I cannot go round to collect my possessions. If I want anything from that house that's mine, they send it over with the cleaner. Which, you know, is ugh."

"She actually filed a police report against me at the beginning of all of this because when I found out, I went ape s**t. Like I lost myself completely. I mean, who wouldn't?"

Natalie revealed that she had no knowledge of the police report filed against her until receiving a call from law enforcement over allegations that she had called her a 'slut' and was 'hurling abuse at her.'

"I was like, 'Yep, I did that. Not gonna deny it because she is a slut." Anyway, so I eventually got her to drop the charges against me,' she recalled. "But you know what I mean? It's just things like that."

"If it had been handled differently, and she had said to me like, "I'm sorry for how this has happened..." At the end of the day, if they really love each other, they just had a baby together, then who am I to stop them from being together?" she clarified.

"It's just the way that it's handled that's just so wrong, and her whole attitude me is just so wrong. Like how can she possibly be so horrible toward me?"