Woman Declared Dead Found Alive And Breathing In Coffin At Her Funeral


In a startling turn of events, a woman in Ecuador who was declared dead before her burial was found alive. Bella Montoya, aged 76, had suffered a stroke and was believed to have passed away.

Her death certificate mentioned that she had died from "cardiorespiratory arrest due to suffering from an unspecified cerebrovascular disease."


Montoya's family promptly arranged for her burial, unaware that she was still alive. However, just before she was laid to rest, it was discovered that she was breathing and showing signs of life.

She has since been admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), and an investigation will be conducted into the incident. Montoya's son plans to file a report alleging negligence on the part of the hospital.


During the wake, Bella spent several hours in her own casket as family members mourned her loss.


However, when they started preparing her for burial and began dressing her differently, they were astonished to discover that she was still breathing.

Gilbert Balberán, Bella's son, shared with the local newspaper El Universo: "My mother started to move the left hand, open her eyes, the mouth. She was making an effort to breathe."

Videos shared on social media depict Ms. Montoya gasping for breath while a crowd gathers around her.


People immediately called emergency services to ensure Bella could be taken to a hospital for urgent medical attention.

Paramedics carefully monitored her vital signs as they rushed her to the nearest hospital.

Remarkably, the BBC reports that she is now receiving treatment in the same intensive care unit where her death was initially declared.

Gilbert describes the sequence of events as truly astounding, given the short time frame.


"The doctor at noon told me that my mother was dead and was not at the facility," he shared.

"Another one saw me and he gave her oxygen, they intubated her and took her to an (ICU) room where she is under observation."

"Little by little I am grasping what has happened," he added.

"Now I only pray for my mother's health to improve. I want her alive and by my side."

Ecuador's health ministry will launch an investigation into the incident to understand how a woman could have been officially declared dead despite being alive.


Following her cardiorespiratory arrest, the ministry stated that Bella did not respond to resuscitation attempts. A doctor on duty confirmed her passing.

Gilbert plans to file a report with the local prosecutor's office, accusing the hospital of negligence.