Woman Crashes Car Into Cheating Husband And Mistress, Avoids Jail

A woman who caught her husband cheating and ran over him and his mistress with her car has managed to avoid going to jail. She pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

In March 2021, Christie Lee Kennedy discovered her husband, David Larkin, kissing another woman named Zowie Noring. In response, she crashed her car into them.

During the court hearing, it was revealed that Kennedy used the Find My Phone app to locate her husband after he had claimed he was going to pick up their children from daycare.

Kennedy stated that she witnessed her husband and the other woman engaging in kissing and cuddling. In a fit of anger, she accelerated her car towards them but managed to hit the brakes just in time.

She struck both of them with her car and subsequently confronted Noring, physically assaulting her by punching her in the face. Kennedy hurled insults, calling Noring names like 'fat moll' and 'slut.' Afterward, she returned to her car and drove further up the street.

After the collision, Noring quickly drove away, while Kennedy returned on foot to confront her husband. She remained with him until the ambulance and the police arrived.

Footage of the incident, capturing the moment of the collision, was presented to the jury during Kennedy's trial and later obtained by 9News.

During the trial, Kennedy admitted to the charge of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. However, the jury found her not guilty on two counts of malicious act with intent to disable.

The jury was unable to reach a unanimous or majority verdict on two charges of assault causing bodily harm, and as a result, those charges were dropped.

Kennedy had previously pleaded guilty to common assault at the start of her trial, acknowledging that she punched Noring in the face.

However, she won't be serving time in jail. Despite the crown prosecutors advocating for a three-year jail sentence, she was given a nine-month imprisonment that has been suspended for a period of two years.

This implies that she will be able to avoid going to jail as long as she doesn't engage in any additional unlawful activities.

"I think it would be fair to conclude that you would be quite shocked about what you saw there despite what you suspicions you had prior," her trial judge stated.

"You're obviously an excellent employee and a very good mother and it's a real shame you committed this offense but I do form a firm view that this offending is out of character and it's unlikely you'll reoffend with anything like this."

Additionally, the mother of two has been instructed to pay AU $5,000 to both her ex-husband and Noring within a two-week timeframe. Failure to comply could result in a month of imprisonment.

Furthermore, she has received a nine-month driving ban.