Woman Claims God Gave Her An STD And Say It Is A "Blessing"

Woman Claims God Gave Her An Std And Say It Is A "blessing"

Most people would rather think of an STD as a curse, but there is a woman who considers this disease a blessing from God. The Las Vegas woman said God was involved when she got herpes back in 2011.

Alexandra Harbushka got infected with herpes through the person she was dating at the time. She was also struggling financially, binge-eating, and battling alcoholism.


At the moment, she has both oral and genital herpes. According to her, the pain she experiences in her genital area is particularly intense.

Nonetheless, despite the suffering she is going through, she is quite enthusiastic about life and believes the disease has done her more good than bad.

When she first found out she had herpes, she was reasonably upset. She got depressed and took a while to recover from the shocking diagnosis completely.


While talking about her condition, she said that the news was "absolutely devastating, crushing and suffocating."

"I felt like Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh. I cried every day, I just couldn't seem to get out of this fog."

She only accepted the reality of her condition after two years, when she was turning 30. At the time, she decided to figure out a way to live better.

"I thought, "I have to change this." I was living with my parents, I needed to fix my finances, I needed to change my lifestyle. I needed to work on the mindset of self-acceptance and self-confidence."


Today, Alexandra follows a healthier diet. She has cut her drinking and does not eat as much junk food as she did.

She has also shared several TikTok videos about herpes and launched a company called Life With Herpes. The goal of this company is to raise awareness about the infamous STD.

Alexandra has also gotten married, and she and her partner have a son.

Considering all she has achieved since accepting her situation, she feels that God was giving her a message telling her she was on the wrong path. As far as she is concerned, she was not the person she was meant to be.


When we’re diagnosed we think our lives are over. I was there for 2 years! I get it! When i look back at where i was in 2011 i was not where i was supposed to be or who I was supposed to be. Getting herpes forced me to make the changes that needed to happen. What positive changes have you made? Tell me in thr comments. #herpes #coldsores #livingwithherpes #lifewithherpes #hsv1 #hsv2

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Alexandra believes God gave her herpes so that she would wake up, listen, and make changes. God chose to use a "physical manifestation" to let her know she was not living the life she was supposed to be having.

She understands how shocking it is to say that herpes is a blessing. However, as far as she is concerned, we have a choice of looking at something as a wake-up call or considering ourselves to be victims.


Considering the changes she has had in her life since her diagnosis, the STD has made her a better person, which is why she feels the disease is a blessing.

She understands that nobody wants to get herpes, but she prefers to consider this an important stage in her life. Getting the STD gave her a chance to focus on who she really is, learn to love herself, and grow her confidence.