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Woman Charges $50 To Rate Men's Private Parts With Extremely Blunt Feedback

woman charges $50 to rate men’s private parts with extremely blunt feedback

Sex educator and lifestyle coach Lahnee Pavlovich, 33, charges 50 dollars to check out men's privates. After she takes a quick look, she gives her clients feedback, which helps them improve sex and love lives.

This Australian mom's service is quite popular, and may we say, rather clever. Instead of checking men's j**k for free, she's making money while teaching them how to make the most out of their manhoods.

Rate Your Rooster

As Pavlovich explained in her Instagram post, she's not a fan of the d**k pics, but many men don't understand their penises. She continued revealing that 67% of ladies fake orgasms and less than 19% of males understand their own anatomy.

woman charges $50 to rate men's private parts with extremely blunt feedback
woman charges $50 to rate men's private parts with extremely blunt feedback

At the end of her post, Lahnee Pavlovich introduced Rate Your Rooster service:"

"So, with all this in mind, let me introduce you to my new service, Rate Your Rooster, where (for a fee!!!) you CAN send in your **** pics, and I'll give you educational feedback on."

The Aussie's impressive presentation of the service concluded with all the reasons why men need to get their "roosters rated." Here's what this course offers:

"How to use it for increased mutual pleasure with your partner⠀
The best positions for your penis size and shape⠀
Tips on how to pleasure your woman through movement, speed, thrust, and much more⠀
Genital hygiene advice⠀
A conscious touch masturbation technique to help you last longer in the bedroom AND tune into your cock, so YOU experience enhanced pleasure⠀
Info on boundaries and consent"

"This is Sex-Ed for the modern man, and I can't wait to welcome you to The School of SEX."

It seems like this crafty service is working

Though we're not sure what kind of photo is required, Lahnee insists that's she genuinely wants to help people.

She stated:

"People don't always understand exactly what it is I do, and sex is still such a taboo topic, so they don't know how to ask about it either. "

"The response is mostly positive, though, and I'm the go-to friend for sex advice. People find it's easy to open up to me once they know what I do."

Sounds strange, perhaps even bizarre, but Lahnee Pavlovich had worked in the coaching industry for three years. She's studying to get a master's degree in sexology. So, all her knowledge is real and backed up by science.

Other courses can help couples during quarantine

"Rate Your Rooster" isn't the only thing on Pavlovich's menu. She also works with women, not just men from all over the world. Currently, she has workshops for couples related to the current pandemic.

Pavlovich stated:

"I also create courses such as my 'Couples Quarantine Immersion,' my 'Reconnect' program for women, and the 'Rate Your Rooster Reports' for men.

"I'm always surrounded by sex toys, [intimate] pics, or chatting to people."

"The 'Rate Your Rooster Report' is definitely one of the most popular services because men feel safe engaging in it. There isn't much interaction, and some men find that confronting initially."

woman charges $50 to rate men's private parts with extremely blunt feedback
woman charges $50 to rate men's private parts with extremely blunt feedback

She works via Skype, and every day brings a new adventure:

"I began engaging in some alternative studies in female empowerment and life coaching, and then I studied psychological sciences. Soon, I'll complete my master's in sexology."

"There's no typical day – which is awesome. I do one-on-one skype sessions on some days. On others, I run workshops on couples' kinks, self-pleasure, and empowerment."

Will you try to Rate Your Rooster?

As per the sexpert herself, the course will teach you how to be better between the sheets, based on your size, width, and more.

It also includes personal hygiene, positions, toys, and everything that can turn you from an average to an A-plus lover.

The service or the report is gaining popularity, and if we learned one thing during the first year of the pandemic, anything involving sex sells.

The question is: are you brave enough to have your penis rated by a professional?