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Woman Caught Having Sex While Ordering Domino's Pizza Has Been Jailed

Woman Caught Having Sex While Ordering Domino’s Pizza Has Been Jailed

Having a quickie outside is illegal, yet people do it. But there's something really gross when you're doing it as you're waiting for food. It's just nasty.

Daniella Hirst, 30, and Craig Smith, 31, were spared jail after CCTV showed them doing the deeds while waiting for their 12-inch pizza. Instead, they got a curfew, and their sex at Domino's Pizza became a thing of the past.

Just when we forgot this incident, Miss Hirst has been jailed for a different, horrifying reason.

The Original Pizzagate from 2017

While the couple from Bridlington didn't go to jail, they got a unique punishment. They weren't allowed to see each other after 7 pm, nor to go out at night.

At a trial at Scarborough Magistrates' Court, Hirst pleaded guilty to outraging public decency. Smith was already in prison for other crimes. He was found guilty of the same offense in his absence.

Hirst was given a 12-month community order, which included a curfew for 23 weeks that requires her to remain in her home between 7 pm and 7 am. She also had to complete 10 days of rehabilitation and pay an £85 victim surcharge.

woman caught having sex while ordering domino's pizza has been jailed

Smith got 15 days of rehabilitation, 200 hours of unpaid work, and the same monetary punishment.

The chairman of the bench Charles Davis told them:

"We do find that it was a brazen offense committed in a public place over a prolonged period, in the presence of staff, and we regard it serious enough that custody could have been imposed."

"You were both very close to going to prison today. If you breach any of the requirements (of the community order), you can expect to go to prison."

And he was right.

Their lawyer Scott McLoughlin, said:

"Essentially, this was essentially one drunken night in which they got a bit rowdy and a bit silly. The drink got the better of them, and they went a bit too far."

How did Daniella Hirst end up in jail?

Hirst is now spending 16 weeks behind bars for assaulting a police officer.

It seems like she didn't learn a thing from her Domino Pizza scandal. Just before she was arrested, she managed to update her Facebook status. It's good to have your priorities in order.

Hurst wrote:

"Been sent to jail!! Waiting for g4 van to get just me how honored! See you all in a few months xxxxxxxxxxxx"

According to official police records, Daniella got 16 weeks in prison after assaulting an emergency worker. The full statement says:

"30-year-old Danielle Hirst of Scarborough was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison last Friday, 12 April 2019."

"Danielle was convicted of assault by beating of an emergency worker, following an incident at a property in Victoria Court, Albemarle Back Road, Scarborough on 15 November 2018."

Becoming overnight news, not once but twice, isn't something one should be proud of, especially in a case like this. But, some people never learn, and Miss Hirst's Facebook update is a clear sign she's among them.

It remains unclear what Hirst did to the officer and whether she's still dating Smith.

Smith was already in jail for violence, so he was most likely helpful when Hirst found herself in prison.

Here's a part of the 10-minute video from CCTV footage. They were really enjoying themselves!