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Woman Calls Off Wedding With Ghost After He 'Kept Disappearing'

woman calls off wedding with ghost after he ‘kept disappearing’

Bride-to-be calls off wedding with a GHOST after he 'kept disappearing and partying too much.'

A woman who claims she was due to marry a ghost has revealed she called off the wedding after her spirit fiancé 'changed.'

woman calls off wedding with ghost after he 'kept disappearing'

Amethyst Realm, 32, who lives in Bristol, revealed the sad yet surreal news on ITV's This Morning show.

Amethyst told the show that she met the love of her life, a spirit called Ray, while on vacation in Australia in 2018.

woman calls off wedding with ghost after he 'kept disappearing'

And after several 'spiky' sexual encounters with the ghost lover over the years, they decided to give marriage a shot.

They also planned on having a baby someday!

But while on holiday in Thailand, Amethyst noticed her fiancé acting differently. She later learned he had been 'drinking and doing drugs.'

Speaking to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Amethyst said Ray 'fell in with a bad crowd' of fellow spirits.

He would then bring various unknown ghosts into their hotel room.

So, on returning home, she eventually kicked him out of their house by cleansing her home with sage.

Amethyst explained:

We've called the wedding off.

It was going really well until we went on holiday… He just completely changed.

As Phil struggled to keep a straight face, Holly asked in what way Ray had changed.

The former bride-to-be replied:

I think maybe he fell in with a bad crowd when we were on holiday. He kind of, he just started becoming really inconsiderate. He'd disappear for a long time.

When he did come back, he'd bring other spirits back to the house, and they would stay around for days.

Amethyst also explained that their holiday had started off so well that they even had sex in the plane's toilet.

But their romance soon came crashing down after his partying became too much for her.

She said:

I think he started doing drugs and partying a bit much.

He used to come back, and these spirits would stay for days at a time. There would be crashing and banging and strange noises.

woman calls off wedding with ghost after he 'kept disappearing'

Confused, Philip asked how exactly Ray was doing drugs and whether he was partying in the physical or spiritual world.

She replied:

I think partying in both, judging by him disappearing for a while and coming back to mine.

I've never had negative experiences with spirits before.

But this was pretty scary. One would just follow me, and another one would leave a constant bad smell. They would also move things.

woman calls off wedding with ghost after he 'kept disappearing'

Like regular couples, Amethyst tried talking some sense into Ray.

However, he proved himself unable to change. That's when she kicked him out.

Realm recalled:

I tried to talk to him. And I gave him one chance after another, and he just didn't change.

In the end, I did sage cleansing. I just had to get rid of him in the way I would any other spirit.

woman calls off wedding with ghost after he 'kept disappearing'

Earlier this year, while in an interview with New Idea, Amethyst announced she had found love and planned to have a baby.

Explaining the unusual romance, she said at the time:

One day, while I was walking through the bush, enjoying nature, I suddenly felt this incredible energy. I knew a new lover had arrived.

It's pretty serious. In fact, we've even been thinking about having a ghost baby.

I know that sounds crazy, but I've been looking into it, and I don't think it's totally out of the question.

Her story has sparked some spirited comments on social media, with one person quipping:

All men are bastards—even ghost ones.