Woman Buys The Whole Shelter Because She Couldn't Decide Which Dog To Adopt

We always hear the phrase: a dog is man's best friend. However, a woman with a heart of gold has proved that some people are a dog's best friend.

Let's face it, making the choice to adopt an animal from a shelter is a noble act. There can be no doubts about this. The animal gets a chance to become part of a happy and loving family to live its life to the fullest.

But also, deciding which of the needy animals to take home with you after visiting an animal shelter can be a little hard.

However, on the whole, nobody would fault you for making the selfless decision to take care of an animal that nobody else seems to want in their homes.

woman buys the whole shelter because she couldn't decide which dog to adopt

Even in the best-maintained shelters, these animals often lack the personalized care and attention they need to have a happy life.

But who knew that a woman would take this laudable charitable act to a whole new level?

You see, when Danielle Eden was going to the shelter in Israel, she wanted a dog she could give a loving home. But that changed when she finally got there.

The woman was deeply touched by how needy the animals in the Israeli-based facility were. Each of the dogs could benefit immensely from adoption.

So, understandably, she had a tough time deciding which dog to take home and which ones to leave behind.

That is how she arrived at a drastic and touching decision – she would care for all the 250 dogs in the shelter!

But this was hardly the first time Eden has tried adoption. She helped to found an animal rescue center in Ontario called Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.

Erin and her partner had been in the Canadian and international animal rescue scene for years. Therefore, setting up the facility was not such a huge leap for them.

The sanctuary is also quite spacious. It sits on 50 acres of prime land covered with rolling hills and wooded areas in King City in Ontario. It is also only a short distance from Toronto.

However, at the Israeli shelter, she found dogs in the worst conditions she had ever seen. For starters, the 250 dogs were staying in a rat-infested space.

Not only that, the shelter was meant for 70 dogs only, not more than 200 animals. On top of that, the dogs were being starved. They had to fight it out for food in their filthy dwelling.

That is why it was exceedingly hard for her to leave behind some of these dogs when she visited the shelter.

She made the best option she could for the animals by buying the shelter altogether.

There have been many improvements in the dogs' status since she took over the shelter. She moved 90 of the dogs within Israel. And she took 25 others to the sanctuary she helped start in Ontario, Canada.

She intends to have all the dogs in Canada at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. Here, they will be safe and well cared for.