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Woman Breastfeeds Her Boyfriend Twice A Week Because It's "Arousing And Nutritious"

Woman Breastfeeds Her Boyfriend Twice A Week Because It's 'arousing And Nutritious'

Lana Michaels, a mother of two, breastfeeds her boyfriend twice a week because it gets them "in the mood for sex." Lana is a mother to an 11-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl.

She further explained that breastfeeding her boyfriend Shawn was both "arousing and nutritious." They even shared their story on television.

Lana Missed Breastfeeding Her Kids

Today, her kids are too old for breastfeeding. That is why they ended up turning breastfeeding into a sexual kink.

She told the media she was okay with the idea of breastfeeding her boyfriend as her kids were too old for it.

The Two Know What They Are Doing

You might be wondering why Lana would still have milk in her breasts so long after she had her youngest kid. Apparently, after researching the web, they discovered the breasts could start producing milk after consuming a herbal milk supplement.

She also revealed that the two always tried out a lot of things involving sex.

It only took three days of taking the supplement to get a drop of milk coming from her breast. From there, after the boyfriend began sucking the breasts, the milk started flowing:

"It felt cool."

It Doesn't Happen Every Time They Get Intimate

Although breastfeeding is part of their sex routine, they don't do it every time they have sex. Although they have sex about five times every week, he only breastfeeds twice a week.

Lana, however, loves every aspect of this relationship.

She enjoys breastfeeding Shawn. She also loves the fact that it comes with "fuller and bigger" boobs, making her feel sexier and more womanly.

Therefore, she does not plan on putting a stop to this any time soon.