Woman Breaks Windows To Save Husband's Gundam Collection During Flood

True love sometimes means loving what your partner loves, even though it might not mean as much to you. A woman from Yudong, China, proved just that by risking her life to save her husband's Gundam MS figures from floods.

Usually, when most people choose to defy their self-preservation instincts during fires or floods, it is to save something worth dying for, like a child or beloved family pet.

For this woman, her husband's toys were about to get lost in the devastating floods was enough motivation to play the ultimate hero.

The daring woman had to break windows to their second-floor apartment to gain access to the toy collection.

She took this risk to make sure her husband did not lose his precious collection of Gundam MS figures.

What's even more surprising is that her husband was still around when all this went down.

Why couldn't he face the floods himself and save his treasured collection himself?

The mystery has a surprisingly simple answer: he can't swim.

His wife, however, was once a long-distance swimmer. Of the two of them, she is the only one who had a chance against the soaring floodwaters.

She Decided To Take One For The Team

Her swimming skills came in handy during the daring rescue. She actually managed to get all the boxes from their apartment.

She also had some bit of help.

Her dog, Oreo, offered some assistance by pushing the inflatable boat that contained the spoils.

Her husband had quite the collection. The rubber dingy she packed the toys had boxes and boxes of them.

There was hardly any space left for her.

The dangerous mission was not without its setbacks.

Her finger was cut during the process.

However, her heroism stood out. It doesn't matter she is a Gundam MS fan like her husband or that building Zaku is one of her passions.

Granted, the figures are not cheap.

Each one goes for around $30 on Amazon. Considering all the boxes she had to rescue, there was quite some value in the figures.

Without a doubt, the sentimental value the collection had was of the greatest importance.

After his wife went to all these lengths to save his collection, the thankful husband had this to say:

"I will never let you down in this life."

That's quite a declaration.

Under the circumstances, it's the least he could promise the woman who would risk her life to save his beloved toys.

In case you missed it, China's Southern part has been through the most serious floods in nearly three decades. The last time flooding got this serious was back in 1981.