Woman Boiled To Death In Tank Of Molten Caramel

woman boiled to death in tank of molten caramel

A terrible accident in a Russian factory has claimed the life of a woman in a horrifying manner.

The 36-year-old woman was boiled alive in a tank of molten caramel.

According to the reports from 'The Sun', Natalia Nemets was at the Slavyanka confectionery factory when the accident happened.

Natalia, who lived in the Belgorod Oblast region, was noticed absent from her place by her colleagues. When they noticed that she was not at her post to do her job, a search commenced.

A Grim Discovery

woman boiled to death in tank of molten caramel
woman boiled to death in tank of molten caramel

The factory workers searched for Natalia, and they found her legs sticking out of a large tank filled with the caramel.

It was a horrible sight, but everyone realized that there was nothing they could do for her - she was already dead.

Komsomolskaya Pravda was the unfortunate factory worker who discovered Natalia's body.

In an interview with a Russian paper, he stated that it was true that she had been boiled alive. He added that nobody heard any screams for help or other sounds.

"She did not cry, no other noise was heard."


When explaining what happened after Natalia's body was found, Komsomolskaya said there was a cleanup before she was removed from the tank.

"The caramel was removed from the giant bowl and only then her body was taken out."

Disturbingly, he added that there was more than molten caramel in the tank.

"Besides the fact that it was boiling caramel, in the bowl, there are moving blades that constantly mix the caramel."

No Clear Picture

woman boiled to death in tank of molten caramel

It is not clear exactly what had happened that could have led to Natalia's gruesome end.

It's reported that two possibilities are being taken into consideration.

"Two versions are being considered now: because of the high air temperature in the working room, Natalia fainted and somehow fell into the bowl. The second version is that she stumbled."

Whatever the case, Nemets found herself in the bowl that was quickly filled with boiling caramel.

Not The First Death in 2020


Natalia's death is not the first this year - two other factory workers also died. It is not known what the causes of death of the other workers were.

There are rumors that the Slavyanka confectionery factory's management tried to cover up Natalia's accidental death.

It is alleged that the workers were threatened with dismissal should they talk to the media about the incident.

A labor commission is now looking into these allegations, and a report is expected to be released within the next few weeks.

Broken Family

Although not much has been revealed about Natalia's family, it is known that she leaves behind at least one child and a spouse.

Ivan, a ten-year-old boy, is currently staying with her sister, Yulia.