Woman Asks How She Can 'Gently Explain' To Boyfriend That He's Leaving Skid Marks On Sheets

Woman Asks How She Can ‘gently Explain’ To Boyfriend That He’s Leaving Skid Marks On Sheets

Every relationship has its challenges. But a woman who has found herself in the uncomfortable situation of having to deal with her boyfriend's skid marks has left many baffled.

Not Sure How To Deal With Her Problem, She Got On Reddit.

Her concern is this: how does she tell her boyfriend to do a better job of wiping himself after using the bathroom to stop messing her sheets?

Yea, imagine that.

The 24-year-old woman has since taken down her post, and we can understand why.

We also get why she might find it hard to tell her 29-year-old boyfriend he has serious personal hygiene issues.

She wanted to resolve the issue without causing the guy a lot of embarrassment, but based on her decision to solicit answers from the internet, the jury is still out on that.

In her post, she stated in part:

"… he leaves skidmarks in my bed when we are together. Sometimes they're not… dry."

It gets worse.

"But today, I accidentally touched it and it was wet… and it took every ounce of self-control not to gag because he was getting ready to leave."

I think you see the disgusting issue the poor girl was dealing with.

At some point, she even thought she was the offender and felt incredibly embarrassed about it. But she soon found out the indisputable truth: it was her boyfriend's problem, not hers.

"I thought it was me, and I was incredibly embarrassed… But today… it was where He was lying…"

What's ironic is that the boyfriend has been quite vocal about the use of baby wipes after using the washroom. If that were the case, then this problem wouldn't exist.

What's more credible based on this horrid experience he is putting his girlfriend through is that he does not even bother to wipe before jumping into bed.

The comments, naturally, streamed in.

One commenter suggested the guy might have a bowel issue, and that he might not even know he has the problem.

But there is another comment that stood out among all the rest.

According to the sympathetic reader, the girl needed to be straightforward about the problem and tell the boyfriend about it without feeling embarrassed.

Here was the reasoning behind this suggestion: "The more "gently" you approach it like it's embarrassing, etc., the more he will feel that it's something to be embarrassed over…"

A message she could leave for the boyfriend was even written for her benefit, and it seemed pretty helpful under the circumstances. Here it is:

"Hon, you're not wiping well enough in the bathroom and it's left stains on my sheets. I left baby wipes in there for you. Let me know if you need something different."

There is nothing flattering about the message, but then again what else is there to say?

But a nurse was also following the thread, and she suggested that there might be an underlying medical problem, such as a lax anal sphincter.

Based on all the suggestions she received, she seemed to prefer to approach it as a medical issue.

Good luck to her.

But we believe that for the time being, it would greatly help if he started wearing underwear to bed.