Many things in life just seem to happen. We don’t bother to think about how they happen. We do them and move on with our lives.

For instance, which shoe did you put on first today? What about yesterday morning? Which foot touched the floor last when you got out of bed?

So, when one woman took to Twitter to ask how to put on a bra, many people stopped to listen. Nobody would have expected this question.

The woman wanted to know if you should put on a bra with the clasp in front before turning it around (the blue method) or clasping it from behind (the red method).

She followed up the initial tweet with other options:

“People who put it on as a t-shirt, wear no bras, or wear sports bras /bralettes are also in the equation.”

What followed was a flood of comments from people who thought there was one right way to put on a bra. Apparently, some even wear it as they would wear a t-shirt, while others claimed not to use this popular garment.

Blue team Vs. Red Team

It turns out that the woman who posted this comment liked to tie the bra from the front before turning it around. But some commenters insisted that this technique was for the weaklings. The red method was for legends.

While team red might call the blue team weaklings for clasping their bras from the front, the blue team seemed to think of the red team as “androids” and “sociopaths.” Though some admitted the reason they were on team blue was for lack of enough coordination skills to clasp a bra from behind.

But what about those who wear a bra like a t-shirt, or those who wear a sports bra? Then some don’t wear a bra at all. What about them?