Woman Arrested For Drinking Entire 6-Pack Of Beer In Target Dressing Room

A Californian woman, Elysia Johnson, was put under arrest for stealing $200 worth of merchandise from a Target store in Lathrop in California. That's not the interesting part-she did it while completely drunk.

Here's the whole story: apparently, the woman got a cart full of items, including a six-pack of Stella Artois beer.

At this point, most people would head towards the check-out counter and complete the sale so they can get home and get started on the beers. But no, that is not how this woman rolls.

Her first decision was to enter the Target dressing room. Not for just a few minutes either, as she tried on some dresses she had picked out. She was there to have a good time.

In fact, more than an hour passed while the woman was in there enjoying her beers. During that time, she drank the entire six-pack.

Then she got out, tipsy and ready to make her next brilliant decision.

Again, instead of checking out, she walked out of the store without paying for the items she had picked out. Maybe she downed the six-pack to get the courage to leave with the rest of the stuff.

Security at the store stopped the seriously drunk woman in her tracks, and she ended up in the hands of the police.

Hopefully, her hour of fun was worth it.

But you have to admit, this woman's resolve is admirable. It is always intriguing to see someone who does not play by the rules.

Ms. Johnson wanted a drink, and she had six of them. Simple as that.

She also wanted other stuff, and she got it off the shelves and walked out with it. Who cares if she paid for it or not? This woman goes after what she wants.

Think about it-when did you last have a beer in a Target dressing room?

Personally, I think Target had it easy. What if she had a taste for fine wine? Imagine the financial damage she could have done, or how high she would have been when she finally staggered out of the store with the rest of her shopping.

I think we should all forget about the ridiculous charges and crown the woman a hero for going after what she wants and being so considerate while doing it. That is a rare combo right there.

Apparently, the woman is in jail on 'suspicion of shoplifting.' And being the kind of person who does not always play by the rules, she was also booked for three other arrest warrants out against her.

No surprises there, right?