Woman Announces In The Middle Of Courtroom Johnny Depp Is Father Of Her Baby

Woman Announces In The Middle Of Courtroom Johnny Depp Is Father Of Her Baby

On Monday, one random woman proclaimed at Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's defamation trial that she has a lovechild with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

She later said that it "was a joke." Well, that was no place for such a joke.

She interrupted court proceedings when she stood up from the gallery with her baby in her arms and loudly announced Depp as the father of her child.

This incident was not broadcast because it reportedly happened during the morning break when the cameras were switched off.

Angenette Levy from Law & Crime saw it happen first hand and described it as "crazy." She said: "All of a sudden, this woman... she stands up at the back of the courtroom with her baby and says 'Johnny, I love you, our souls are connected."

Depp acknowledged her as he turned and waved at her. She holds up her baby and says, "This baby is yours."

Deputies responded swiftly, removed the woman from the court, and clipped off her access wristband. Levy said: "The deputy was like, 'You're outta here.' It was pretty wild. It was a moment."

Although surprised and full of questions, Levy had more pressing matters to attend to and could not pursue this case before the court resumed. She asked, "Was she waiting with the baby at 1 a.m. to get into the courtroom? If so, that's a bigger issue."

Even after she was sent out, she did not leave. The woman continued to stand outside the courtroom with her baby's stroller by her side.

Law & Crime later tracked her down to find out what that stunt was all about. The woman told them that she had discussed the plan with her husband, and "they thought it was a joke, and thought it would be funny."

Levy concluded: "Just FYI, everybody, Johnny Depp does not have a third baby out there that was at the courthouse today." His two kids are Lily-Rose Depp and Jack Depp.

The trial continues since, of course, the baby had no additional comments.