Woman Adopts Old Dog From Shelter, Finds Out It's Her Childhood Puppy

Woman Adopts Old Dog From Shelter, Finds Out It’s Her Childhood Puppy

Wonders never cease in the world. The following story may seem like a fairy tale, but it really happened to a woman.

Nicole Grimes, a lady residing in Pennsylvania was searching for a dog to adopt, and like most of us would, she went through Facebook to see what the shelters in her area were offering.

An adorable Pomeranian-poodle crossbreed attracted her. One thing she admits is that it looked somewhat familiar. In her childhood days, she had a similar puppy named Chloe.

Chloe was a gift to her from her grandmother, Nana. Like most 10-year olds, she soon became attached to the cute puppy. The two couldn't be separated and were best friends. One thing she recalls was the cute pink bow that was tied around her neck.

Sadly, at the age of 14, she had to let go of Chloe after her dad took up a job that required working from home and complete silence. Like other puppies, Chloe would be a bit of a distraction. A decision was made to take the pup to the Washington Area Humane Society.

Speaking to the BBC, Nicole narrates how she knew it was time to let go of her furry friend after dad picked her from school and in the back seat was Chloe. This really upset her since they had really grown fond of each other. Regrettably, the decision was final.

She occasionally called the Humane Society to get updates about her puppy, but she never got anything concrete. So over time, she got used to the idea of not having Chloe around or ever seeing her again.

While searching for a dog to adopt, she came across a dog that really resembled Chloe. First, she noticed that they shared the same name. Secondly, the facial features (eyes, nose, ears) were strikingly similar. This possibly explains why she instantly clicked on the image as her preferred option.

You can't imagine the shock she had to discover that it was indeed her childhood pup, Chloe. She says that a gut feeling was drawing her to the dog. The reunion was also like a fairytale as the now mature dog came running towards her as old friends do after many years of separation.

Her husband was a little skeptical about the whole incidence. However, his doubts and suspicions were laid to rest after confirmation from the microchip showed that it was indeed her old puppy.

Separated for seven years, Nicole and Chloe were finally reunited, was it by coincidence or was it fate?

After the adoption, Chloe has settled in well and is already developing a strong bond with Nicole's daughter, Violet.

Nicole says that even though she is older, a little smaller and has a few missing teeth, she is still the same old bubbly and playful Chloe. She further states that her heart warms up on seeing Violet and Chloe playing and bonding together.

She learned that after their separation, she was taken in by an old caring couple who took good care of her until their passing. According to Nicole, she never imagined seeing Chloe again, and that is why she feels as if she just won the lottery.