Woman Accidentally Orders TINY Dog Bed, Dog Pretends Everything Is Fine

You're familiar with the situation where your mom purchases something for you, and it happens to be completely off the mark. However, you don't want to upset her, so you feign adoration for the item.

Recently, the mother of a Twitter user named @paetonmathes bought a new bed for her dog, Kenny, but it turned out to be extremely undersized (let's just say, a lot!). Despite the ill-fitting bed, Kenny tried his best to appear grateful and posed for several awkward photographs with his "amazing" new present. These photos were posted by Kenny's human sibling on Twitter and have been shared over 60,000 times and received more than 135,000 likes. Kenny has since received a larger bed that can accommodate more than just his backside. However, this composed canine serves as a reminder for all of us on how to respond when receiving an undesirable gift from our mother: Remember, it's the thought that counts!