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Woman Accidentally Creates Crow Army That Ends Up Saving Neighbor's Life

Woman Accidentally Creates Crow Army That Ends Up Saving Neighbor’s Life

On Reddit, there is a subreddit called r/legaladvice that people turn to when hoping that a lawyer will offer them free legal advice. Although people share a lot of stories on this platform, some of them clearly stand out.

For instance, Redditor u/cranne got a lot of people interested in helping out after hearing her unique story.

The woman explained that she was living in Portland, Oregon. While there, she was watching a nature program about crows.

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She learned from the program that if you feed and befriend crows, they will bring small gifts to you.

That got her thinking:

"I figured that I was furloughed and had lots of time – so why not make some crow friends."

Fortunately, or unfortunately, her plan worked better than she thought. She befriended 5 crows in her neighborhood, but they soon turned into an army of 15.

Initially, the neighbors had no problem with the birds, and they actually liked them. The neighbors were mostly elderly, and a majority of them were in a bird-watching club.

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To these folks, having crows follow this woman around was hilarious.

The problem started when the crows started getting a little too defensive. When a neighbor dropped by to have a little chat, the devoted army of crows went on the attack.

They only stopped when the neighbor left her yard. Although the crows did not physically attack the neighbor, they were alarmingly close.

woman accidentally creates crow army that ends up saving neighbor's life
woman accidentally creates crow army that ends up saving neighbor's life

Would She Be Responsible If The Crows Hurt Someone?

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She wanted to know if she would be held responsible if her crow friends attacked someone and actually hurt them.

The woman notes that the crows are not always aggressive. However, when you get close to her or her property, they get angry.

She also explained that she had not trained the birds to attack anyone. This behavior is something they came up with themselves.

The woman got lots of advice, but the guidance she had from one of the users stood out. This helpful Redditor's partner is an ornithologist.

woman accidentally creates crow army that ends up saving neighbor's life

As this user explained, the crows were "resource guarding." Therefore, they are protecting their valuable food source.

The woman was advised that she could solve the problem by socializing the crows with the neighbors. She could also stop giving them snacks, which would make them leave.

The woman decided to take the highroad, and two months later, she came back with an update.

woman accidentally creates crow army that ends up saving neighbor's life

Her first step was checking in with the local Audubon society. They also suggested that she encourage the neighbors to feed the crows to make friends out of them.

Luckily, the neighbors liked the plan, and the crows have now become an important part of the community.

Since then, there have not been any recent attacks.

The Crows Saved A Neighbor

The crows have clearly become part of the community, and it is possible they saved a neighbor.

The city had a big ice and snow event, and, as noted, most of the neighbors are elderly. One of them slipped while walking down a steep driveway and could not get up.

The crows went into a frenzy and made more noise than ever. That got people's attention, and a neighbor discovered that the man needed help.

Although the man was okay despite suffering some serious bruises, the crows played an important role in getting him rescued because they drew attention to his plight.

Since then, the crows have become local heroes, and they have been getting great food from the locals. Neighbors now feel that they have a neighborhood watch made up of crows.

It all sounds quite crazy, right? Seeing someone getting circled by several shrieking crows can't be a very reassuring sight.

However, before we start recruiting crow armies to watch over us, we should probably get through this crazy pandemic first.