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Woman, 45, Gutted After Toyboy, 24, Pockets Her Money, Calls Her 'Old' And Leaves

woman, 45, gutted after toyboy, 24, pockets her money, calls her ‘old’ and leaves

Karma came calling when Joanna Girling, a former Tesco worker from Norfolk, left her husband of 20 years for a young toyboy, Hassan Kahlied. The Egyptian man took Joanna's money, insulted her, and then took off to marry someone else.

The woman's youthful lover also felt the need to remind her of her advanced age and unhealthy physique after taking £1,500 from her.

woman, 45, gutted after toyboy, 24, pockets her money, calls her 'old' and leaves

Joanna was heartbroken after these harsh words from her Egyptian lover, who was about half her age. The man called her old and fat.

She was enjoying her holiday in Sharm El-Sheik with her husband in 2018 when she fell in love with Hassan. She was 45 while the man was 24.

Although she was with her then partner, John, she could not resist the young man's charm.

She was so into him that she even managed to get a fake marriage certificate to allow them to have sex owing to the strict marriage laws in Egypt.

With that hiccup out of the way, the bubbling romance was unstoppable.

Unfortunately, Joanna was left with nowhere to turn when the man ended the romance soon after she spent £1,500 on him. While breaking up with her, he also revealed he was going to marry an Egyptian woman.

That probably hurt the woman considering how far she had gone for the sake of this relationship. She even admitted that her family disowned her after the unusual relationship began.

However, she didn't care about that.

More interestingly, the painful and drastic end to this whirlwind romance did not discourage her from dating younger men.

She soon found love and comfort in the arms of another Egyptian man, Hysm Feygo.

Family Concerned About Joanna's Decisions

Joanna's decisions did not go very well with her family, and relatives called her "foolish."

The woman recounts the promises Hassan made to her:

"I thought Hassan loved me, he'd told me he wanted to marry me but it turned out to be a lie. He just used me for my money, I felt like an idiot. I gave up my marriage for him."

After the painful ordeal, the woman did not think she could trust anyone else, but then Hysm came along.

She described her newest young catch as the love of her life:

"… Hysm is the love of my life. I know his feelings for me are real, he's never asked for a penny."

woman, 45, gutted after toyboy, 24, pockets her money, calls her 'old' and leaves

An Unexpected End To A Lasting Family Tradition

Before Joanna revealed her unusual appetite for younger men, she had been routinely going on holidays to Sharm El-Sheikh with her husband about two to three times a year for over a decade.

Then she noticed she was getting attention from local men.

Apparently, a cold bedroom back home easily got her interested in the male attention she was getting. In her own words, she felt "flattered."

Then she thought about her marriage at the time, and that changed everything:

"I was happy in my marriage at first but as time went on we grew apart and I lost interest in having sex with him."

She said that they had started to lose interest in each other and were not as attracted to each other as they were before. Apparently, they were staying together "for convenience" and "didn't sleep together for nearly 10 years."

woman, 45, gutted after toyboy, 24, pockets her money, calls her 'old' and leaves

Joanna Felt "Unwanted" In Her Marriage

For starters, Joanna and her husband of many years never had any kids together. However, they did share a house and some dogs.

At the time she met Hassan and fell for him, the husband "wasn't affectionate at all." Ultimately, that made her feel unattractive.

Consequently, she was quite vulnerable.

She therefore had a hard time saying no when local men complimented her and called her beautiful.

With her mind opened to the new romantic possibilities all around her, she started to take an interest in her waiter at the hotel, Hassan. He would be flirtatious towards her whenever her husband was not at the table.

He also made her an offer to spend a day together so he could show her around the city.

She was totally loving it:

"He was so flirty from the start that I knew he fancied me."

She Felt Sexy For The First Time In Many Years

After talking to Hassan, Joanna felt attractive and sexy once more. This was the first time it had happened in many years.

woman, 45, gutted after toyboy, 24, pockets her money, calls her 'old' and leaves

So she was completely drawn to the man and started to sneak behind her husband's back to meet him:

"I began sneaking out in the afternoon to meet him while John was lounging by the pool."

She was also interested in getting intimate, but due to Egypt's strict laws about premarital sex, they would need a fake marriage certificate to achieve this important relationship milestone:

"I wanted to sleep with him from the first day I met him but Hassan said that we'd need a fake marriage certificate first."

Soon, the lovebirds got a fake marriage certificate online and rented an apartment where they could consummate their "union." Apparently, this is a common trend among unmarried Egyptians.

"The Best Sex Of My Life"

After 10 years of no physical contact, the sex she had with Hassan was simply out of this world:

"It was incredible, he was so young and keen. It was the best sex of my life – mindblowing after ten years of no physical contact."

woman, 45, gutted after toyboy, 24, pockets her money, calls her 'old' and leaves
woman, 45, gutted after toyboy, 24, pockets her money, calls her 'old' and leaves

At this point, she knew that it was over between her and her husband. After ten years of no physical contact, she realized she could not leave her new romance for her loveless marriage.

Fortunately, as their trip was about to end, Hassan wanted to see her again. Therefore, even as they left to go home, her mind was focused on how she would be coming back.

As soon as she got home, she ended her marriage to her husband of 20 years and in the process confessed to falling for a young Egyptian waiter.

Apparently, the husband had suspected something was going on behind his back. He was also quite angry.

With no kids, she had little to hold her back as she pursued her newfound lover.

Meanwhile, Hassan was all over her, and he texted and called her on a daily basis. However, he also needed financial support for things like food and bills.

Joanna Completely Trusted Him

When Joanna sent Hassan £400 for food and bills, she did not doubt him. As far as she was concerned, the man was telling the truth.

Two months after the two parted ways, they met again after Joanna landed in Hurghada. Hassan was waiting for her.

She also gave him the gifts he had asked for and he took control of the money she had brought for the holiday. He was in charge of the £1,100 she brought, claiming that he would handle it himself.

woman, 45, gutted after toyboy, 24, pockets her money, calls her 'old' and leaves

Although she was shocked at this revelation, it was explained to her that this was the custom among Egyptian men. Ironically, according to Hassan, this also ensured that he would look after her.

Joanna was sold on this idea and she gave the man all her money along with pairs of jeans, trainers, shirts, aftershave, and a bottle of Cognac.

Life was good at the time, and she would spend days sunbathing with Hassan, and the nights were spent making love.

Hassan Started Disappearing

The first few weeks were a bliss for Joanna, as they would spend all the time together.

However, he started disappearing after a while. His excuse was that he needed to spend some time with his family.

Since Joanna had no cash on her when he was away, she had to find ways to make more money. To this end, she found work as a nursery teacher.

At the time, even her calls to her lover would go unanswered. Unfortunately, after ditching her husband, she had no savings and the £1,100 she brought with her on the trip was all she had.

As she grew increasingly concerned, Joanna decided to ask around where Hassan might be.

It was then that neighbors and locals who knew him revealed to her that he had traveled to have an engagement party.

Joana's lover was due to get married.

Obviously, she was crushed. However, when she brought up the matter with him, he denied it.

He would return 10 days later while still insisting that he had not attended an engagement party as she had been told.

Hassan Asks Joanna To Leave Egypt

After a while, Hassan asked his lover to go back home.

As it turns out, the apartment was too expensive and she needed to save up more as they could not survive on the little she was making.

Joanna did not like this at all, and she was devastated. However, she realized he was telling the truth because he was not making much as a waiter either.

Since all her money was gone, she would go spend time with family and work to save some money so she could come back.

She had to get a friend to pay for her flight.

woman, 45, gutted after toyboy, 24, pockets her money, calls her 'old' and leaves

The Devastating Text Message

Before her flight even landed, Hassan sent her a message saying she was old and fat. He also revealed that he was going to marry an Egyptian woman:

"I just didn't understand. He'd told me that he'd love me, why lie?"

However, she was still determined to end her marriage and go back to Egypt. She still wanted to enjoy life in the sun.

"I didn't have anything keeping me in England."

So, she started saving up for another trip to Hurghada, where she would continue working as a nursery teacher.

This time, she was not going there to look for romance:

"I didn't go out there looking for love. I just love the country and wanted to be back there."

After all, at this point, Hassan had blocked her on social media, and she hadn't heard from him for a while.

She Met Hysm Feygo

Three months after returning to Egypt, Joanna met Hysm Feygo, a 38-year-old Egyptian man. He had invited Joanna and her female friend to have a look at his spices and herbs shop.

He was a gracious host who served them cups of herbal tea. That's when they hit it off, and the all-familiar yet rare feeling came rushing back:

"I can't quite grasp what it is but there's just something about him, he makes me feel comfortable and, from the moment we met, it was like we'd known each other a long time."

Later, she asked the man to order her a taxi to take her to her apartment, but he joined her and they had sex that night.

Apparently, the man wanted a relationship, but after what she had gone through with Hassan, she was a little gun shy.

However, over time, she grew to trust him. Luckily, he did not ask her for money.

Another Fake Marriage Certificate

Soon, Joanna and Hysm were a couple, and they later moved in together using another fake marriage certificate.

This time, she had found the one: Hysm loved her, and he would often make romantic meals for her.

Soon, the man came home with a silver wedding ring for her.

woman, 45, gutted after toyboy, 24, pockets her money, calls her 'old' and leaves

Apparently, the man didn't even propose. Not that he needed to because Joanna was totally into him.

To him, Joanna was his wife, and her plan was to divorce her husband in order to make her new union official.

Soon, the divorce was finalized and the couple started trying for a baby. She was hoping she was "not too old to get pregnant."

However, she was very satisfied with her new toyboy. Hysm did not ask for any money and yet he gave her all his love:

"I'm very happy with my toyboy who never asks me for money. I know he's with me because he loves me."

Problems With Family

Joanna's family was not as thrilled with her new life as she was. In fact, many of her family members haven't spoken to her since her return to Egypt.

However, even though they think she made a foolish decision, she considers this a rare second chance. She is not about to let it slip from her grasp.

She insists she would not change a thing about the life she has now. Joanna is completely in love with her husband Hysm.

When her first lover, Hassan, was asked about what happened between him and Joanna, he had this to say:

"I'm so sorry about the money. It was because I am poor. I don't want to discuss anything about my relationship."

Luckily, Joanna's plan still worked out and she now has a loving husband who makes her feel loved, attractive, and wanted. Sure, she might have lost the support of her family and spent a lot of money before finding "the one", but at least she is now in a marriage she clearly enjoys.