Wishlist For A New Decade: 7 Things I Need That Money Can't Buy

Wishlist For A New Decade: 7 Things I Need That Money Can’t Buy

I am materialistic and often superficial. But you know you're all grown up when you realize that everything you need cannot be bought.

As a kid, you want a bicycle, Barbie doll, then it's all about makeup and clothes, but there's something different once you start adulting. You are becoming more aware of your limited time, and your holiday wishlists are full of non-material things.

Here are the top 7 items on my forever wishlist, may it be for Christmas, birthday or any other celebration:

1. No BS romance needed

Novel and movie romances are great entertainment, but how about some steady, secure, and down-to-earth relationship?

Real love is kind and honest and not dramatic enough to end up on the big screen.

2. Aging is fine; wrinkles aren't

Ladies, you know that it's not just the wrinkles. The mid-30s are hell when it comes to hormones, PMS, oh, and let's not forget those first chin hairs.

On top of it all, those fine wrinkles and first greys are annoying. They are natural, but you're facing the questions about your future: will I get Botox? Will I age naturally? And why is my metabolism so slow?

3. Health, but not only for me

This one sounds childish, but ever since I was a child, all I wanted was a healthy family. It's not death that's scary. It's more about those final months, which can be torture for any person.

I don't want my mom to live forever. I just wish her time on the planet to be in good health. It's such a naïve statement, yet I do hope most of you will understand.

4. I need to love myself more

Loving others seems so effortless. Loving yourself is a complicated process, one we should never stop learning.

While self-love won't come effortlessly, it gives so many possibilities for a better, happier life.

5. I need the courage to follow my dreams

This is probably the hardest and the most important item on the list.

It brings out another question: If I was brave enough, what would my life look like? Would I travel more? Where would I live? And how would it affect my relationships?

I need the courage to live my dreams because I won't feel complete until I do. And yes, it's all up to me.

6. I need to learn to let go

We are all holding onto something, but it's so consuming.

There's only a present moment, so will my head be so kind as to let go of all the things I no longer need?

Additionally, can't this same mind let go of toxic people and the ones who broke my heart? I am all patched up, so why am I still holding onto what was? And can it stop adding fears to my future?

7. Most of all, I need to learn to be happy

You can't be happy all the time. But, I want to feel a sense of accomplishment, joy when I am getting ready to go to sleep. I need to be excited because the new days bring new chapters.

While happiness is a choice, and I choose it, may I add something a little less serious, but it would make everyone a lot happier…

Can't we always have Instagram-ready homes and perfect manicures?

What is it that you need this year, in this decade? What's on your wishlist?

Write it down: you'll be amazed by how many things you can change all on your own! And none of them involve shopping…