Wise Sayings Of Ordinary Men That Have Changed Lives

Quotes of recognized men and women often have weight in speeches and add essence to writings. But, the wise sayings of many ordinary people are often more practical and can change lives. Let’s look at a few wise sayings of ordinary men and women that has proven to be useful for daily life.

Teach a man how to fish, don’t give him a fish.

Sounds weird? Well, the logic behind it is to pass on knowledge and technical know-how; to equip others to be independent. If you keep “giving him a fish”, he will never learn to fend for himself. So teach others or ask to be taught how. Don’t just settle for others doing things for you.

“That you get social media engagements doesn’t make you a person of rating”

Late 2019, on twitter, this came up as a response to someone who acted rude just because a young man was trying to be her friend. She seemed to get a lot of social media engagements and believed she was all high and mighty, causing her to react and respond rudely. The young man in question, after trying to be polite despite her being rude, finally gave this as a response to end their conversation. Come to think of it, it’s actually true. Who you are or how important you are is not determined by how much people talk to you or engage you on social media platforms. And your engagements give you no right to be unnecessarily rude.

You do no harm when you view yourself as a nobody because a nobody hurts nobody but a somebody, hurts everybody

This statement was made at the graduation of well-educated men and women who had gained extraordinary knowledge that many did not have. It was in a bid to make clear the merits and demerits of humility and pride respectively.

Only when a wall is cracked will a lizard get the opportunity to crawl in

This is a saying common among West African parents. It is often an advise to close friends and couples. It urges them to keep their relationships as tight as a uncracked wall so that no third party crawls in between them. Just like a wall with no cracks will entertain no unwelcome visitor.

A husband’s house is a training ground

This is another common advise to women preparing for marriage in Nigeria. It emphasizes the fact that marriage is the only school where you get your certificate at the start instead of the finish. Hence, you get trained on the job. It advises any woman seeking a peaceful home to view her matrimonial home as a training ground.

And then there’s this personal bit. I remember that before I left home for college, my parents sat with me and told to always remember where I was coming from. It was in a cue to help me maintain the right attitude away from home. As such I never claimed to be who I was not and made friends wisely. I wasn’t going to lose all my home training just because my parents weren’t there.

The advise of our parents, older friends, and unpopular mentors have enabled many to make wise choices and walk right paths. Do you remember someone who said something that shaped you one way or the other? Be thankful for that person. And of course, you can share your story with us.