Wisconsin Anti-Bullying Law Could Charge Parents For Their Kids' Bad Behavior

Wisconsin Anti-bullying Law Could Charge Parents For Their Kids’ Bad Behavior

Bullying is a serious problem in many states across America. In recent years, it has become more serious. As a result, Wisconsin has found a solution that might end up seeing parents taking responsibility.

In 2019, the state said it considered a new anti-bullying law which will see the parents of bullies paying fines.

The ordinance, which is still under discussion, will hopefully give school staff better tools when dealing with bullies.

It will serve as a wake-up call to parents about the aggressive behavior that their children display.

Perhaps, with real and financial consequences, bullying can be ended.

The Suggested Law

If the law comes into effect, harassment and bullying will be forbidden. Children should report any bullying behavior.

Since bullies tend to intimidate anyone who reports their actions, those who report bullying behavior will be protected from any retaliation.

Parents of children under 18 who are found guilty of bullying will literally pay for their children's behavior

The parents of these children will be financially responsible for the misconduct of their children and they will have to pay a fine.

The Fine

As per a report by The Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, the initial fine that will go to the parents will be $50. Also, associated costs will be added to the amount.

As a result, this will push the amount up to a total of $313.

The Inspiration Behind The New Ordinance

In February 2019, a post made its way around on social media and went viral. It shows a Wisconsin Rapids Area Middle School student as the target of bullying.

In the video, the 7th-grader receives handwritten letters from other students telling her that she should kill herself.

The video was quite shocking, and as a result, it went viral.

This horrible event prompted Craig Broeren, Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools Superintendent, to propose the idea of fines.

Similar Law Already Passed In 2019

The Grand Rapids town board has already shown that they want this kind of law to come into effect.

The board has passed an ordinance that gives authorities the right to give fines to anyone who has been found guilty of intentionally trying to slander, emotionally abuse, intimidate, or threaten someone else.

A person found guilty stands the chance to receive a fine up to $10,000. This law is not relevant to only minors, and as such, adults can face the same consequences as well.


The discussion of the new law was to be held on the 18th of June but was canceled due to the Coronavirus. Currently, social distancing is making meetings difficult.

Many agree that bullying is a serious matter that needs serious attention. If the fines can make children think twice, perhaps they will behave better.

Parents Of Bullied Children Are Hopeful

The parents who see the effects of bullying on their children hope that this new law will bring about change.

Victims of bullying endure severe trauma and can become depressed. As a result, it takes a lot of effort to move on from bullying.