Winning Back Your Ex

Winning Back Your Ex

For the millionth time, you are sure you and your ex had it all going for you. Your future looked great, and you were sure you were meant to be.

And then you broke up. Bummer.

But you are not ready to say "shit happens" and move on. You want another go. You miss your ex. You miss the happiness, the adventure, and the excitement.

But for the life of you, you cannot figure out where everything went to hell and caused the breakup.


That is why you should be careful, because you might get back together and break up for good this time.

I'm Sure You're Getting Lots Of Advice On How To Get Your Ex

Heck, I am among them. But you should be careful.

The first thing you should do is understand that no one knows your relationship, your intentions, and your heart like you do.


I can understand that it feels lonely and painful to be separated from the one you love, and you would like to use the first chance you can get to win back your ex.

But timing is key.

You don't want to jump the gun and try to win them over while they are still angry at you or themselves over the breakup. So, wait until you are on the same page emotionally.

The Curiosity Of What Is Going On With Your Ex Is Can Drive You Insane

But there is a way around it that does not involve you turning into the dreaded crazy ex. Talk to friends and family, and people who care about the both of you about them.


Once you get good reports about them, it's time to move in for the kill.

But don't go all out. Just try to establish contact first. Keep it simple and respectful. And don't load your messages with expectations of making up.

You Should Not Put Any Undue Pressure On You Ex

The goal here is to have a communication channel through which you can later build a relationship.


To take things further, you can meet at a neutral place where you can talk without interruptions.

This will keep things in check in case emotions rise too high and someone is tempted to make a scene.

But we are optimistic that things will go well. In which case you will have a great time and discuss the issues that drove the relationship off the rails to begin with.

Show You Have Changed, Or That Whatever Happened Will Not Happen Again

You might also throw in reminders of the first happy moments you spent together. It will make the conversation more positive and fruitful.


Generally, try to keep things simple. The focus should not just be on identifying the issues that tore the relationship apart, but also on what you need to do to ensure that you don't break up again if you get back together. This will substantially increase your odds of getting your ex back.