Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Announce 'Bad Boys 3' In Facebook Video: 'It's Official!'

Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Announce ‘Bad Boys 3’ In Facebook Video: ‘It’s Official!’

Every year, millions of movies are released all around the globe. These movies are meant to entertain us, thrill us, scare us, and so much more. However, out of the millions of movies released, few are accepted by the masses. These movies are receipted globally and the go-ahead to set precedence in society.

One movie that has been released and received infinite love is Bad Boys. The Bad Boys franchise was officially released in 1995. The stars of the film were Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, some of the biggest stars. Since then, the two stars have made a name for themselves in the film industry.

The second installation of the series was released almost eight years after the first. By the standards of the 2003 movie industry, the film did great. Even by today's standards, the movie did very well. The first installation revolved around two modern age detectives. They were set with protecting a key witness to a murder and investigate the case of stolen heroin.

The sequel was about the same detectives investigating how ecstasy was entering Florida and being distributed. Both Will and Lawrence did justice to their roles.

For close to two decades, fans have been asking for a third installation of the film. Our plea has not fallen onto deaf ears. Finally, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are reuniting once again. The duo announced the release of Bad Boys three on their Facebook accounts through a video.

The video clip has been widely received and shared. So far, over 13 million people have watched the video, and the support seems to be growing with every passing minute. The video was a simple clip shot on the beach in Santa Monica, California, from Will's phone. The 50-year-old superstar was elated with the third release of the movie. Martin Lawrence, 53, then chimed into the video. If you have watched the two previous movies and heard the excitement in Will's voice, you didn't need to watch the rest of the video to know what was going on.

The third installation of the movie is slated to be officially released in theaters in 2020. So far, the expected date as we know is January the 17th. The title of the movie is Bad Boys for Life.

The 1995 movie made over $141 million in sales worldwide. The 2003 sequel made nearly twice that amount. With the growth of the industry from the twenty-five years, Bad Boys met the world, and we can only expect the movie to sell out and make loads of cash.

The first two installations were directed by Michael Bay and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Bruckheimer will return in the production of Bad Boys for Life. However, the directors will be Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi. The duo is also set to direct Beverly Hills Cop 4.

In greater news, there's a Bad Boys television spinoff series set to air in 2019 as well! The drama series will feature Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union. The name of the series will be LA's Finest and picked up by Bell Media, a Canadian Broadcaster.