Will He Miss Me When I Am Gone? Signs He Will Be Lost Without You

You've reached the end of the line with your boyfriend, who is either obnoxious, deadbeat, abusive, commitment-phobic, or some other negative trait. You're determined to cut ties and never look back. However, your soon-to-be ex may not feel the same way. If he's relying on you for anything, he'll be lost without you and regret losing you. But that's his problem, not yours.

1. You Do Pretty Much Everything For Him

It's clear that your partner will miss you once you're gone if you're doing his laundry, packing his work lunches, handling all the household chores, paying all the bills, and generally taking care of everything in your life and relationship. After you leave him behind, who will take care of all these things? Looks like it's time for him to step up and start taking responsibility for his own life.


2. He Expects You To Make All The Decisions

You might be the one making decisions about your meals, vacation spots, and relationship milestones while he passively agrees to everything. Although he never seems to object to your choices, he also doesn't seem to have any strong opinions about them. It's as if he's content with being a passive spectator in your relationship. However, this kind of behavior won't work with any other woman, and you're no longer willing to tolerate it either. If he doesn't step up and take responsibility for his life, he'll realize what he's lost once you're gone.


3. He's Always Trying To Tear You Down

At first glance, a guy who constantly criticizes and belittles you may not appear to care about you at all. However, in reality, this behavior is an example of reverse psychology. He might be tearing you down because he knows that you're an exceptional woman with a lot to offer and he feels inadequate compared to you. Deep down, he knows that he's not worthy of you. When you leave, he will undoubtedly miss you because you're the best thing that has ever happened to him.


4. He Has A Jealous Streak

If your boyfriend gets agitated even when you just speak with the male cashier at the grocery store, it's evident that he has a problem with jealousy. He recognizes that you're a desirable partner and fears losing you to someone else. However, he doesn't realize that his conduct is pushing you away. He'll only understand this when it's too late, and you're no longer in the relationship.


5. You're The Main Breadwinner

It may seem harsh to say, but as with many of the other points listed, this ultimately comes down to his selfishness. If your boyfriend is unemployed or has a low-paying job while you're in a well-paying career and you handle most of the financial aspects of your relationship, it will hit him hard when you decide to move on. But that's his problem to deal with! You don't need a boyfriend who can't pull his own weight.