Will A Player Be A Player Forever Or Will He Ever Settle Down?

Engaging with a player can be a precarious endeavor. While some men may discover a woman who inspires them to abandon their reckless behavior and commit, others may continue to pursue multiple partners. To determine if a player will ever commit to you, consider asking yourself these questions.

1. Does he balk at the idea of a future with you?

We're not referring to discussions about marriage or starting a family, just simple plans for the future. If a guy is genuinely interested in committing to you, he won't be alarmed if you suggest attending a concert together in three weeks. However, if he still wants to explore other options, he may hesitate to make plans more than a couple of days ahead, as he may be seeing someone else by that time.

2. Does he constantly remind you that he's still single?

Players often go to great lengths to emphasize that they are not committed to one woman. Take note of the remarks he makes to you and his friends regarding his relationship status. Phrases like "Now that I'm single..." or an open "single" status on his Facebook profile are indications that he desires everyone, including you, to know that he is not finished exploring his options.

3. Has he deleted his dating apps?

In today's digital era, removing a dating app from your phone is a substantial indication that you are contemplating a committed relationship with someone you are dating. At a minimum, it signifies that you believe you have discovered what you were seeking. Therefore, if the guy you are dating continues to enjoy swiping left and right on the app, it's a clear sign that you're not his ultimate goal.

4. Does he only want to hang out at night?

Several friends-with-benefits arrangements have transformed into committed relationships. However, such a shift necessitates moving from late-night rendezvous to daytime activities. If a guy only sends you texts to "come over" after 9 p.m., he's communicating that he's only interested in sex, and you're likely one of several women he's rotating for that purpose.

5. Does he flip-flop back and forth about commitment?

Certain men require some time to determine whether they're willing to commit to someone, and that's perfectly acceptable as everyone progresses at their own pace. However, if a guy appears ready to make you his girlfriend one day but emphasizes his desire to remain single the next, he's far from being prepared to commit to you. If you were to establish a formal relationship, it likely wouldn't last long due to his hot-and-cold nature, resulting in him longing for his previous freedom to do whatever (or whoever) he desired.

6. Does he have a good idea of what will make him ready to commit?

For chronic players, the desire to flirt and engage with multiple partners is more appealing than any potential relationship. Nonetheless, some men genuinely want a relationship and are only exploring their options while they're single. If you sense that things are progressing towards a more serious commitment, simply ask him what he seeks in his romantic or sexual endeavors. If he identifies what he desires in a partner, you're in good luck.

7. Has he taken small steps toward committing to you?

Be attentive - several seemingly insignificant gestures can have a significant impact when attempting to determine whether a guy is considering a relationship with you. Is he leaving his toothbrush at your place, telling his family or friends about you, or displaying affection in public? Although these do not imply that he will commit to you tomorrow, they do indicate that he is thinking of you as more than just a hookup. However, if you still feel like you're being kept a secret, it probably means that he's also keeping another girl in his life a secret.

8. What is his attitude toward relationships in general?

Despite what romantic comedies depict, trying to change a guy's views on relationships and marriage is a waste of time unless you enjoy it. A man who openly expresses aversion to monogamy is unlikely to make an exception for you, regardless of how sweetly he gazes into your eyes. Your chances of developing a relationship with a man improve significantly if he expresses any desire to have a relationship and eventually marry.

9. Has he explicitly told you not to wait around for him?

When a guy tells you his intentions, believe him. If he says he doesn't want a relationship and isn't interested in exclusivity, he's saving you both time and potential heartbreak. Don't delude yourself into thinking you can change his mind. A player who wants to keep playing isn't going to retire anytime soon.