Wildly Slanderous: With ZERO Evidence MSNBC Connects Ron DeSantis To Sex Trafficking Probe

Wildly Slanderous: With ZERO Evidence MSNBC Connects Ron DeSantis To Sex Trafficking Probe

Joy Reid has tried to connect Ron DeSantis, Florida governor to sex trafficking without any evidence, with Glenn Kirschner backing her up.

Here's the video.


They discussed the investigation by the Justice Department into whether Rep. Matt Gaetz broke any federal sex trafficking laws. Their discussion was based on a report from Politico Wednesday.

The journalist began by talking about an apparent trip to the Bahamas in 2018 that involved Gaetz, GOP fundraiser Jason Pirozzolo, and former state Rep. Halsey Beshears.

At the time the trip happened, Gaetz was DeSantis's top adviser. Based on this connection, Joy Reid concluded that the scandal was "creeping" up on DeSantis.


She said this while talking to Glenn Kirschner:

"If you're Ron DeSantis, does it feel like it's creeping closer to you? Because these are your friends, these are your allies."

However, Glenn did not point out how speculative the journalist was, but instead added to the insinuations by saying:

"You have to believe that DeSantis, I mean, these are his boys, these are his guys, right? We've seen the pictures, we've seen the stories."


He went on to say that:

"You have to believe that Ron DeSantis if he has done anything wrong, feels like things are creeping closer and closer to him."

Obviously, these are serious accusations, and they should clearly be made with a little more evidence.

At the very least, Reid and Glenn should at least retract their comments as they can be seriously damaging to DeSantis' career.


The two have no real evidence he was part of the sex trafficking scandal affecting his friends.

That said, this is not the first controversial accusations Joy Reid has made on air. About a month earlier, she blatantly claimed that the red states were keeping black people alive so that they could make steaks for white people.

This might be an indication that DeSantis is not looked upon very favorably by the media. Earlier, on CBS, there was a cleverly edited report on the governor suggesting he had been involved in a pay-to-play Publix grocery store conspiracy.