Wild Life Of Lena Paul – From Shy 19-year-old Virgin To Rising Adult Star

28-year-old Lena Paul has made a name for herself in the adult industry as one of its most popular rising stars. Voted AVN's Hottest Newcomer in 2018, Lena has received a lot of attention.

However, her life looked very different before she joined the industry.

During her high school years, Lena was a nerdy and conservative girl. She first had sex at the age of 19.

After that first time, the young beauty knew something new about herself and discovered that she loved sex and wanted to make a career from it.

"I didn't date very much at all, I was extremely conservative and shy," Lena revealed about her youth.

"I actually waited until I was 19 to have sex for the first time, but afterward, I realized how much I loved it, and then I tried everything."

She became very personal when she described the details of her adventures.

"Threesomes, DP, anal, lesbian sex – I wanted to make up for all the time I missed on trying to 'save myself' for someone when in reality it's much more fun to share!"

"I was very much the nerdy girl. I hung out with other basement-dwelling oddballs like me and played video games, watched sci-fi shows, and obsessed over fandoms, all very innocent. I was a late bloomer in every sense," she confessed.

She entered the adult industry as a webcam girl and in 2016 she did her first hardcore shoot.

Lena debuted in the industry at age 23, later than most fellow porn stars. It sounds like a healthy choice to wait and it gave her time to experiment before she made sex into a business.

The star is now 28 years old and hugely successful in the adult entertainment industry. Her estimated net worth is $1 million, or £890,000.

Apart from acting professionally, she also offers her private content on OnlyFans.

It happens that her husband shows up to join her in her cheeky videos.

"I sweet-talked him into selling his penis on the internet with me," she said in an interview on YouTube, explaining that she met him before she began her adult career.

"It started off just me and him just making videos at our house and then we did pro porn and now we do whatever we want."

Lena has been very active as an actress and can be seen in hundreds of adult scenes. Her favorite scenes are the lesbian ones.

It might surprise her fans that she used to be obsessed with porn stars, Dani Daniels and Dillion Harper. She pleased herself while watching women exclusively.

However, like most adult actresses, she has to occasionally fake reaching climax.

"My most boring day on set is so much better than my most boring day at any other job I've ever had so even if I'm faking it and I'm just thinking about how many people are going to masturbate to it," she explained.

If you are curious about what Lena did before her rise to fame, her profession back then was quite different.

She worked with environmental preservation and went to Latin America to help start up a company.

She used her spare time in her hotel room to do camming and sell juicy photos of herself.

When the business she was working with failed she decided to focus on adult entertainment and she went all in to succeed in her new career.