Wife Runs Out Of Home, Claims Her Husband Has Been Having Sex With Her Nonstop Since Midnight

In a clip making the rounds online, the wife, from Nigeria, runs out of her house while her husband rushes after her.

The husband tries to get the wife back into the house, but she refuses.

In her local language, the woman confronts the husband, asking if he wants to 'kill her.'

She then argues that he has been having sex with her all night, and her genitals were now hurting.

The woman then yells to the husband, saying that she can't continue.


She then cries for help from bystanders to prevent her husband from getting her back into the house.

This Isn't the First Time a Spouse Has Complained Of 'Too Much Sex'

Just recently, an 'exhausted' husband begged a judge to grant him a divorce, claiming he could no longer keep up with his wife's 'excessive and insatiable' desire for sex.


The man from India told judges that his wife had harassed him for sex nonstop since they married.

wife runs out of home, claims her husband has been having sex with her nonstop since midnight

According to Daily Mail, the husband also alleged that his sex-crazed spouse would force him into having 'unnatural sex.'

Also, the wife would give him medications and force him to drink alcohol 'to boost his sexual appetite.'

Despite begging her to visit a psychiatrist, the man said his spouse refused to take action.

She even threatened that if he doesn't satisfy her, she 'will look for someone else to do the job.'


How Much Sex is 'Too Much Sex'?

There are some things people just can't get enough of — for example, movies and sports.

But then, there are other things that you can most definitely do without. Such as that popular song of the summer played over and over and won't go away.

wife runs out of home, claims her husband has been having sex with her nonstop since midnight

When it comes to sex, however, many people like to think their horizons are limitless.

But according to experts, this isn't always the case.

Ursula Ofman, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist in private practice in New York City, says:

"[Too much sex] needs to be answered like all the other 'too much of a good thing' questions."

"If sex begins to take over your day and your thoughts or interferes with your relationships, work, and family life, then you have reached the area of 'too much.'"


Robert Weiss, a senior vice president of clinical development at Elements Behavioral Health, also says:

"Frankly, asking how much sex is too much sex is a little bit like asking how many drinks makes a person an alcoholic."

"This approach fails to recognize that with booze, it's not a matter of how much you drink. It's a question of how it affects your life."

"So, if alcohol is consistently creating problems for you, then you might want to look at your drinking. Sex is the same way."