Wife Horrified After Husband Gets "Ugly" Tattoo Of Her Snoring On Plane

For several years, this charming couple from Portsmouth has been playing pranks on each other. However, their antics have escalated to a new level, as James sought retribution for his wife's terrible haircut by getting a tattoo of her sleeping face on his body.

The portrayal of sleeping individuals as beautiful and angelic in movies and shows is inaccurate. The reality is that no one looks attractive while asleep.

Unfortunately for this unfortunate woman from Portsmouth, her snoring open-mouthed face has been "beautifully" tattooed on her husband's skin, serving as a permanent reminder.

Following her husband James McGraw's decision to have a highly unflattering photo of her face tattooed onto his thigh, Kelly, aged 37, was left feeling "horrified". James is 40 years old.

Taken surreptitiously aboard an airplane, the photo captures Kelly in a deep slumber, snoring away while her husband takes a sneaky selfie of the couple. She was completely unaware of the photo being taken.

As retribution for his wife's poor haircut, James, a window cleaner, chose to tattoo the unflattering image on his body.

The father of five shared the picture on Facebook along with a message: "Don't know what her problem is ….everyone else seems to like it."

It seems that the couple has been engaged in a prank war for many years, and there are no signs of a ceasefire.

In an interview with The Sun, James disclosed: "We've been playing pranks on each other for 24 years. I'm one up at the moment — but I'm also scared because I don't know what she's now planning."

It is possible that James has crossed a line this time, as Kelly has expressed a genuine and understandable loathing for the tattoo.

Speaking to The Sun, Kelly described this most recent prank as being "on another level."

"There's a line and he's crossed it big time. We're just a normal family but our banter's got out of hand."

"It's still really raw. We do mess about anyway but this is on another level. I was horrified. I couldn't believe it. I hated the photo so much."

"I just can't look at it properly without laughing. It's horrific and he's added more chins."

"He needs to watch his back because karma's a b*tch. I'll think of something to get him back, but it's going to have to be really, really bad to top that."