Wife Dumps Ashes Of Her Abusive Husband In The Trash [VIDEO]

Wife Dumps Ashes Of Her Abusive Husband In The Trash [video]

A woman dumps the ashes of her late 'nasty bastard' husband into a trash bin. It looks like she got a little revenge, despite that he won't be able to see it.

There's an unspeakable heartbreak when you lose a loved one, especially if that person meant the world to you.

What makes it even worse is how the grieving process never seems to end.

You could feel stronger after a few months of the loss but relapse into grief shortly after. Particularly when you remember the wonderful moments you shared with them.

That's not the case for Marsha Widener — she's glad her husband is dead.

What better way to celebrate his death than to spread his ashes into the trash!

Filming herself, Marsha explains her reasons for doing the cathartic act.

In the viral video, Marsha begins by holding a black box that contains her husband's ashes.

She then brings it forward to show her viewers the husband's name, 'Donald Lee Widener.'

wife dumps ashes of her abusive husband in the trash

Afterward, she opens the box and takes out a polythene bag filled with the ashes, and begins to slowly pour the ashes into a trash bin as she recounts the abuses her husband inflicted on her over the years.

She explains:

"I know you won't understand why I am doing this."

"This is Don Widener, and his family doesn't want him. His brother doesn't want him around. His kids don't want him, uh, actually they want him to go in the gutter or the toilet."

"This is for all the pain and turmoil he has caused my children and me. And what he caused his parents. So this is his goodbye."

"This little bit right here is for all the times he kicked me in the head — yep, he put my head through a window."

Marsha's late husband worked as a garbage truck driver. So, Marsha thought it would make sense to deliver him back to the very business that gave him his livelihood.

In the footage, she says:

"He used to work at the landfill. He drove a garbage truck for pick up for businesses, uh, trash, so we're sending him back to the landfill today."

wife dumps ashes of her abusive husband in the trash

And people online commended Marsha's act.

One person said:

"It's unfortunate that the ashes couldn't be dumped in hell directly. The landfills the next best thing, though."

Another wrote:

"This may be the most hardcore thing I've ever seen in my life. Glad you were able to literally throw your abuser in the trash. I can't imagine how amazing that must have felt."

While another shared her own experience, writing:

"I was raised by my grandmother. She beat me mercilessly and emotionally abused me every day. My other family members weren't immune to her violence, either."

"When she was cremated, we threw her a** in a dumpster too."

"I'm really glad I'm not the only one who has done this. I hope you're well and recovering from the pain this person caused you!"